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Visionary Dance Productions sells instructional Belly Dance DVD’s, music CD’s & down loads plus the famous Power Belly Weight Belts; a tool for learning belly dance isolations faster and more precisely. You may purchase them in our online store, in class and by appointment.

VDP Studio in Seattle Washington, owned and operated by the legendary Delilah, focuses primarily on live class room work; belly dance, ethnic dance, movement therapy, Tantric dance and massage, Middle Eastern drumming and music classes. We offer weekly classes (see calendar), private instruction (by appointment) as well as specialty workshops featuring many prestigious guest instructors. You must pre register for all classes by sending us a registration form and payment online, by mail or by call and drop off.

WHO ARE OUR STUDENTS? All ages, all sizes, all perspectives. Novice to Professional; Teens to seniors. Even those with various physical limitations may adapt the dance and enjoy it’s expression. And, “ Yes, men can belly dance too” . There are many reasons to study belly dance; fun fitness, artistic expression, healing ones relationship with feminine self esteem, stage performance. . . There are many styles of belly dance in which Delilah also encourages and performs. Most dancers are not trying to be professionals. Some dancers want to perform for family friends and other students and some do not ever want to perform outside of class. However if your goal is to be well trained proficient or a professional dancer, this is the place for though study. (See places to perform further down on this page).

LOCATION: The studio is located in Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle Washington. It has recently moved to a new location across the street and down a bit from the past location it occupied for the past 8 years. The new private studio is smaller, very pretty and has more amenities; heated floors, kitchen, hot tub and deck for small parties and salon performances. You must call for an appointment, or be pre registered for class to get directions and address. We do many combination events involving lessons, catering and entertainment for different occasions; birthdays, weddings and baby showers, . . . We often get calls from instructors about renting our space and the answer is often “yes” if your class or event is a good fit. So please give us a call. 206 632-2353.

MUSIC: Belly dance is not complete without drums and music. The studio also has a strong 7 piece Live Middle Eastern music associate called “House of Tarab” that is an important resource for dancers wishing to be professionally trained in the full artistic form of belly dance. The ensemble specializes in the Golden Era of Arabian concert and Belly Dance music (40’s thru 70’s) and perform concerts, cabarets, weddings, and parties locally and nationally. This avails up and coming dancers an important opportunity to look forward to one day working with.

BEAT: Mr. Erik Brown teaches drumming to drummers and dancers. Understanding the traditional rhythms are paramount to training even though the art of belly dance includes many new contemporary music genres. Delilah and Mr. Erik work together teaching dancers the art of the drum solo. Drummers call for private classes.

CALENDAR: To stay abreast of whats happening please see our calendar pages>>.

TO REGISTER FOR A CLASS: See class on calendar page and click on it to see full details. Then you may register online or send a check.

There are contests, belly dance socials, ethnic restaurant and special events, courses with recitals and annual dance festivals
A few local examples;
• End of March; Cues and Tattoos Festival,
• May-June; Summer Solstice Classes and Parade with Delilah.
This is a very fun and simple event.
• Middle of July; West Seattle 3 day Medfest in July
• Delilah’s Garden of Allah
• Hasani’s Haflas every couple of months.

Last Note: The photo slide show is of different locations we have taught in. Namely our Hawaii retreats , Seattle studios, new photos will be put up soon we are waiting for spring when our garden blooms.

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