Studio Policies

Cancellation and Refunds

If we do not have enough full time students registered on the first day of a class, we reserve the right to cancel and return your money (of course). If you show up and the class series is canceled, the instructor may teach that one class as a comp and you will not be charged.

You may cancel a class up to 3 days before class and get a refund. Any later, the teacher’s time has already been reserved and there are no refunds. We have many instructors, so switching classes is only sometimes allowed. If pulling out of class costs the instructor who has already committed to teaching that class money out of her pocket, it can not be allowed. We do not allow make-ups, since instructors are paid per person per each class in a series. We reserve the right to call in a substitute instructor when needed.

Unexpected Weather Conditions

We cannot cancel class for what may be happening in outlying areas (our landlord still charges us rent). So if the streets are clear in Fremont and vicinity, there will be class. If it is impossible for you to get to class because of ice or snow, we will give you a free pass to one of Delilah’s Power Belly Classes –  the best we can offer. We cannot be held responsible for all weather conditions.

Auditing classes

We do not allow people to watch classes. This is to respect dancers enrolled. If you want to meet with an instructor beforehand, that may be arranged. We feel you need to get your hips wet to really know if belly dance is for you. We do run sampler classes from time to time and some classes allow drop-ins. Bookmark the calendar page.


Usually, drop-ins are ok if there is room and it is not a project oriented performance class. Feel free to call if you are unsure. Be aware that if there is a change in the schedule, you will not be contacted as a drop in student. If you call us last minute and we do not call you back, you can still come to a workshop at the door.

Out of town dancers are welcome!
Check our web calendar. The best class to drop-in to is Power Belly. This class is traditionally held on Tuesday and Thursday night and taught by Delilah and live music by Erik Brown. Some performance classes are great for advanced dancers, but call first to let us know you are coming, if you can. Dahlia Moon’s classes are good for drop ins. All Saturday workshops and morning classes are usually good. Call and let us know if you can, but you do not have to get a call back to attend.

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