Thank You

Many of our students call it VDP Studios, The Dance Temple, or Delilah’s Place. It is my dream come true. Thirty years of belly dancing, teaching, pioneering visionary dance and finally I have arrived at a place I can call home. I love my studio so much. Thanks to Steven Flynn my partner of 24 years who allowed me the grace to continue on with my dreams

After 4 years we have gotten a lot done but the studio still needs work! Thanks for all the loving support and helping hands!

  • Thank you Tayissa for making the studio’s insulated window blankets. Big improvement in keeping the heat in.
  • Thanks to Erik, David, Steve and Laura Rose for laying the floor.
  • Thanks to Erik, Cory, and Faye for many hours of painting.
  • Thanks to Deirdre, Teresa, Brigitte and others for gifts and support.
  • Thank you for the great teaching and office staff we have recruited since we opened: Adrianne Rice, Sharron Rose, Laura Rose, Dahlia Moon, Pine, and Erik Brown,
  • To web and art designers: Kristine, Jill, Nate, Debra, and Noor
  • and to the many dancers and musicians who have taught occasional workshops here:
    Tamalyn Dallal, Habib, Amy Sigil, Marion, Elisa Gamal, Elizabeth Denis, Armando Mafufo, Sulyman El Coyote, Myriam Eli, Joe Zeytoonian, Helena Eriksen, Sharron Moore, Kitiera, Tina Sargent, Ameila Moore, Claire Wesley, Michael Beach, Leslie Rosen and Raqs Serpentine, Rachel Lazarus
  • Thank you to my landlords, Ron and Ken for giving me a break on the rent for the first 6 months and fixing the plumbing.

I have put a ton of my own money into this space so far and I only have a 5-year lease. There are still a lot of things I want to do. Ugh!

Our School

Classes are doing well so far. As far as classes are concerned, there are only a few prime hours per week that bring in the revenue needed to pay the overhead so progress on various projects is moving slower lately. We cannot seem to get folks to come to classes on weekdays. We know lots of women work at home and could arrange their schedules if they thought about it. They could come while the kids are in school. We need to get in touch with home schooling programs because we know teens would love our studio. Hard audiences to reach. Any help would be welcomed. We advertised in Seattle Woman for over a year but didn’t think we got much business from it. Most people find us online.

Volunteers and Things We Need

Many dancers have asked how they can help support the work here at VDP Studios. If you would like to help in any way here are some of our projects.

Goals and Projects:
We have put in place in the dressing room a self-serve convenience bar where we sell items like water, soda, energy bars, gum, and breath mints. It’s cash and carry and we appreciate the support. The proceeds help keep the studio up and procure supplies. Thank You!

We realize some people think our prices for classes are a little high. This is what it costs to run a business in Seattle and hold dance classes and pay teachers and staff. We are not a community rec center and we do not receive any grant money. We are not getting rich, nor are we successful enough to even provide health benefits. In addition I have a big bill still to pay off the remodeling of the studio. We are artists, and to be honest, running a business often gets in the way of making the art. We do our best. The hours we can hold classes is limited and we could not hold the current classes if we didn’t also sell DVDs, hip scarves, CDs and weight belts. We beg your understanding and support. We try to keep a good selection of items available to make your experience with belly dance beautiful, fun and healthy! Thank You!

For those who are affluent and want to help we have a few ideas of how to plug in:

  • Buy a Seat: $40 donation
    We need 30-40 burgundy back jack chairs. We are thinking it would be fun to put dancers names on them in exchange for a $40 donation to help us purchase one.
  • Buy a Chair: $40 donation
    We also need folding chairs; we would also put your name on the chair.

Projects in the works

It’s good to state one’s goals. Without stating them, it’s hard for them to manifest. We are happy to say, some of the projects on our wish list that we’ve mentioned here on this page, have now been achieved. Yahoo!

Like the beautiful Sultan’s DVD Lounge in the studio bay windows. A wooden safety railing was built for in front of the glass and then custom cushions and pillows were made and bought.

We wanted to buy and install a medium size flat screen on the wall.

I ordered 7 window shades for all the front windows. The Home Depot ones were terrible. It’s important for privacy in the summer when the window blankets will come down. ACHIEVED

We needed another couple radiant heaters from Costco. ACHIEVED

Racks for CD’s
In-office and hanging storage. ACHIEVED! Thanks Laura Rose


We need a few more outlets in strategic places in the studio.

Store Front
We need a sign and design for the exterior of the building.

We need to paint the outside of the building.

The little grass strip in front calls for an arty table and bench arrangement. Especially fun in the summer, for dancers to sit and wait out side between classes. (Someone stuck a weird art instillation out in front of studio which leaves a lot to be desired-not what I had in mind)

We are saving up for the major purchase of video/film lighting and control box.

Help with merchandise display design for front office.

New sink and plumbing upgrade for the back room.

Cool Events and Projects Proudly Supported and/or Completed by VDP Studios

  • Classes in American Classic, Tribal and Gothic belly dance. Conditioning, training, Ancient Egyptian Temple Dance, Middle Eastern Drumming… and more!
  • Annual Thanksgiving Day Workshop; A combination yoga, live music and belly dance workshop dedicated to giving thanks to a woman’s body.
  • Annual Aroma Therapy Spring Belly Dance Show, Fremont’s Winter Solstice Feast: a dance temple installation. (4 years in a row)
  • Dance recitals and parties for dancers.
  • Billion Belly March event in the annual Fremont Solstice Parade
  • Belly Con a 10 day celebration of belly dance and ethnic dance diversity
  • Solace Tour
  • Community Video Showings of artists work
  • Photography support towards Jerry Johnson and Jennifer Richard
  • Provided rehearsal space for Burning Hearts Burlesque, Sinner Saint Burlesque, Fenix Underground Egypta Project, Midnight on Europa, House of Tarab, Raqs Serpentine
  • Finished commercial video editing projects; for the band Nocturnal Rage; environmental documentary called Mama Earth, Billion Belly March DVD, Combinations with Delilah DVD. Delilah and Sirocco Live and Wilder, on DVD. The Elizabeth Denis Benefit Show on DVD. Hawaii Retreat Documentary and hopefully many more…
  • The wildest achievement this year was to sign an agreement to agree between Visionary Dance Productions and the Belly Dance Federation of Korea to join together in an effort to promote belly dance teacher and student exchange, build an international web site and host a international festival together. Wow. Lets see where this leads!

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