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Belly Dance Parties


We book private parties  in our studio for all sorts occasions.

• Girls Night Out!

• Birthdays

• Wedding or Baby Showers

Anniversary and reunions

• Girls Scout Parties

• Over 50’s Parties

We have everything you need;  music, lights and atmosphere.We custom design these events to meet your style.
Lessons, Performance, rites of passage rituals with humor and beauty. We provide coin hip scarfs mirrors, tables and chairs. You can bring food and beverages and we have a lovely garden deck and Hot Tub .

Perfect for 10-24 guests. Cost $250 more for larger and longer parties.

Limited to approx. 40 guests


We also can go to your location for an extra charge. Depending on where and when.
Call Delilah to book 206 632-2353.
We also have many dancers available and live music.
2 pieces oud and drum to 6 piece ensemble of oud, drum, ney, violin, zorna, bass, and drums.
Learn to belly dance with Delilah and friends!
Fun, Fantasy, Freedom and Fitness!
All ages, sizes and styles.

Dance Recitals

We have periodic recitals showing off the different styles and talents of students and instructors. They are so amazing to watch. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend! Bring your Mom, sister, date or a friend. We ask for donation for studio support. Our over head is very high in comparison to our ability to hold and service students and performances. Thank you. Recommended donation is $10 if you can.

Studio Cabaret Nights

These are evenings where we host House of Tarab (6 piece Egyptian music ensemble) and other musical groups, along with talented professional dancers. BYOB and dress for open dance!

The Neighborhood Temple Priestesses

This is not a religious organization. This is our auxillery belly dance group in which students and professionals can participate. The Neighborhood Temple Priestess Steering Committee helps with the studio organizing of events, and on-going studio support. They are an important component in keeping our doors open and continuing to bring an array of creative projects, classes, workshops, and performances your way. These dancers perform in the community and private events. The NTP is made up of women of all ages and walks of life, who love belly dance in all it’s many facets; culture and history,  artist interpretation, tool for personal growth, physical fitness, craft and fun! They desire to share their dance with other women. In addition they feel belly dance has valuable meaning for it’s practitioners beyond just physical execution and light entertainment. They have come to know belly dance as a tool for vivifying there lives and those around them. The dancers facilitate as mentors in our society by demonstration and telling their stories. They strive to inspire and empower each other, our children and others. They stand vigilant in preserving women’s rights to move autonomously and express them selves fully. The group studies belly dance as art and service. The service aspect is how these women derive enhanced meaning. Their service aims to fill in the gap in our society by using their dance art to out reach to women in need and issues that need support. A few examples of their work; hosting baby showers for woman in stressful positions in our community. Getting involved with Code Pink Women for Peace. Facilitating at wakes. Ground breaking and fund raising events.

How to become a Temple Priestess? Any dancer who has a comfortable working knowledge of belly dance and takes a Neighborhood Temple Priestess class, workshop or retreat has the opportunity to become a member of this group. To find out more please call 206 632-2353 or e mail Delilah.