Teen Belly DancerDear Moms and Kids,

Over the years I have had so many wonderful experiences working with teens in many different ways. I have taught and mentored many young women. I have also taught them in connection with other family members that makes for a wonderful bonding experience.; mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts even sons. We have had students start at 14 and 15 and become professional dancers and costume designers by the time they are in college and could even make a few dollars while in school. How cool is that? But most importantly is the inner fiber it has given these young women.

One essential aspect of belly dance is it’s solo nature. You do not need a partner to dance. You do not have to choreograph it like other forms of dance. You essentially are learning a body language and then you learn how to access deep expression from with in. Things sometimes words cannot touch.

Teen Belly DancerWhen we learn to have power and control over our own bodies as belly dance teaches and then be the artist inside the dance that delivers total person expression rather than repeating someone else’s expression; then we are learning to be wholly independent.

I firmly believe that all young women should learn to belly dance. It fosters an important self confidence. If you feel out of control with your body how can you cope with the emotional and intellectual parts?



 There is a whole piece of the belly dance story that avails women access to healthier birthing experiences later in life; however, it’s not something women learn when they are pregnant. They need to have cultivated the physical skill and body wisdom way before birthing years.


Teens are in our regular classes but if a group wants to get together to learn I need a minimum of 6 girls to start a teens only class or workshop. Hint hint!

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