Past Classes & Workshops

We are constantly evolving and revolving our classes & workshops! This is a list of events we’ve held in the past and may hold again in the future. If you see something you MUST have offered sooner rather than later, it might be able to be brought back if you find just 5 friends who will take it with you. Just contact us for more details!

Specialty Classes/Workshops

  • Lunchtime Belly Dance Classes
  • Daytime Belly Dance Smorgasbord
  • Complete Power Belly Training Workshop
  • Delilah’s 4 Week Accelerated Belly Dance Course
  • Basics and Beyond Workshop
  • Giving Thanks to a Woman’s Body
  • Mother-Daughter-Sister and Friend 2-Hour Workshop
  • The Bellydance Routine (with Tamalyn Dallal)
  • Veil Dance (with Delilah)
  • Belly Dancing During Pregnancy
  • Instruction/Performance by Leslie of Raqs Serpentine
  • Techno-Belly Conditioning (with Laura Rose)
  • Drama and the Dance (with Laura Rose)
  • Teen Belly Dance (with Laura Rose)

Beginning Belly Dance

  • Beginning Belly Dance Clinic (with Christine Hamby)
  • Absolute Beginning Belly Dance Intro Class
  • Beginning Belly Dance Morning Class
  • Beginning Belly Dance for Students and Teachers
  • Beginning – Intermediate Class (with Delilah)

Intermediate Belly Dance

  • Classical Arabic Belly Dance
  • Rhythm of the Belly Dance

Performance Classes

  • Cultivating the Performer
  • Dramatic Belly Dance (with Laura Rose)
  • Raqs Gothique (with Laura Rose)
  • Dance of the Seven
  • In the Garden of Allah: A Sensual Performance
  • Golden Era of Belly Dance Classic Series
  • Winter Solstice Series


  • Three Week Drum and Zill Class
  • Middle Eastern Drumming Workshop (with Erik Brown)
  • Rock Your Chops (with Erik Brown)
  • Parade Drummers and Musicians
  • Middle Eastern Drumming for Youths, Teens and Adults
  • Instruction/Performance by Michael Beach

Egyptian Style Belly Dancing (with Dahlia Moon)

  • Beginning Egyptian Basics
  • Intermediate/Advanced Egyptian Style
  • Intermediate Technique and Concepts: Elusive Improv
  • BEGINNERS: Know Your Rhythms!
  • INTERMEDIATE: Shimmy Madness!

Fremont Solstice Parade

  • Delilah’s Parade Belly Dance Classes
  • Simple Costume Workshop
  • Advanced Parade Class
  • BELLY CON: The Billion Belly Dance Convergence
  • Parade Drum & Zorna Practice
  • Belly Dancer Photo Session (with Photographer Jennifer Richard)

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