Discover the Art of Belly Dance

Visionary Belly Dance has been doing business in Seattle WA since 1985. Consumed by our bliss to perform, teach, inspire, praise belly dancers of all ages, shapes, sizes and elevate the Art of Belly Dance around the world. We strive daily to bring belly dancers authentic techniques, belly dancer principals of performance, and the philosophy of independent belly dancing while reinforcing healthy body image and self esteem values.

We are proud to announce our next big event  is the Erik Brown Celebrative Drum and Belly Dance Workshop Series 2019. Dates; Sept 14, October 12th and Nov 9th. Featuring a Middle Eastern Tabla Drum course and Belly Dance classes taught by 6 area professional dancers. Details here

Plus/ . . .On Saturday September 14th we are having one of our famous H.O.T. House Concert! Featuring the live music by the 5 member Middle Eastern music ensemble called House of Tarab. With dancers Ruby, Delilah, and Anyelle. Three generations of dancers demonstrating belly dance lives forever. You won’t want to miss it! Mark it on your calendar!  (Call to reserve a seat.)