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As a reward for purchasing “ the Billion Belly March DVD”, “Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop,
Volume I, II and III”,
Absolute Beginning Belly Dance
and/or a “Retro Choreography/Fire at the Iao”, you have
received with your package a
Visionary Bellydance Web Club User ID and PASSWORD.
Remember, the User ID is the number of the Web Club, not your name.
If you forget the password, or if in the future we
change the password for any reason, just call or
e mail us:

and we’ll give it to you problem.

This password will allow you to enter an exclusive
web site that will contain more information on
the subject of this specific program that
you have purchased.

In this way we can stay current and continue to
add value to our program. We can answer
questions, add tips for dancers, post contributions
from other dancers and teachers. You will
be able to print transcripts of parts of the
program. There will be special bonus offers,
costume ideas, costumes for sale, mind and
body health information and much more!

What is new and exciting about this idea is that it
will cultivate a deeper student-teacher relationship
than instructional video programs have in the past.
This web classroom can contain students from all
over the globe. We look forward to the growth
of this new relationship.

Keep in mind this site will grow and change over
time so we invite you to periodically
drop in and check it out.

A big thank you to our Staff at Visionary Dance that
works hard and long to bring you these projects.
Steve, Pine, Corinne, Fran, Laura Rose, and Delilah

Enter Web Clubs Now:

If you have a problem getting into the Web Clubs, remember to check the User ID and type in the name of the Web Club you are entering (101, 202 or 303).

ENTER: Belly Dance Web Club 101 here
Companion site to the Video and DVD "Absolute Beginning Belly Dance,"
for beginning bellydancers, students, and teachers.

ENTER: Belly Dance Web Club 202 here
Companion site to the Videos and DVD, "Fire at the Iao" and "A Retro Choreography,"
for intermediate, advanced, and professional belly dancers.

ENTER: Belly Dance Web Club 303 here
Companion site to the Videos and DVD,
"Delilah's Belly Dance Workshop, Volume I, II and III,"
for beginning, intermediate, advanced, professional belly dancers and teachers.

B R A N D N E W !

ENTER: Billion Belly Web Club here
Companion site to the Billion Belly March DVD.

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