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Dear Dancers and Friends,

Who will stand with us to say belly dance is important in our lives? I have dedicated the last 38 years of my life to belly dance. I am asking you to stand up like a pillar in society and say to the rest of the community that this dance form deserves to be supported and cherished.

Supporting Visionary Dance both financially and emotionally is a vote in supporting belly dance in all its styles and diversity. My record is strong for supporting dancers, musicians and artists from all over the globe. On one side I have known belly dance as Middle Eastern cultural entertainment. On the other hand, I have played a major role in the American evolution of this art. It is by the nature of women’s liberation of body and spirit that we have found this dance to hold supreme health benefits for women of all ilk; young, old, large and small. We know this dance as healing salve and as a means for expression that can last us a life time. It builds stronger independent women that are not afraid to move or be moved.

We are gladly accepting gifts. If you would like to donate now with you Paypal or Credit Card please click the donate button below. Thank you ever dollar is a vote for Belly Dance!

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