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Dancers, students of note, musicians and artists VDP has sponsored, and those who have worked with, or sponsored Delilah…


at Delilah’s Visionary Belly Dance Retreats

Locations; Hawaii; Big Island & Maui, Costa Rica, California, Egypt.

Pilot Retreat Mission 1991 Maui.

First Hawaii Retreat; at Mana Lea Gardens. Maui,
          Delilah joined by Michael Beach and Sirocco 1992
Sarah Teofanov (NM), Ritual Art and Belly Dance, 1993
Sirroco & Guest Maui, private retreat; Experiments w/ dancing in nature 1993.
Meleah Make up artistry 1994
Suzanne Delvechio (CO), Yoga and Belly Dance, 1995
 Lorrain Lafata, & Solsteca; Costa Rican Rain Forest ; Dancing in Nature. 1995
Carolena Noriccio (CA), Tribal and Healing, 1996
Z Helene (TX), at Kalani Big Island. Dance of the Elements, 1996
Meleah (CA), at Mana Lea, Afro Belly plus Belly Dance thru the Ages, 1994, 1997
Diane Wolksteine, (NY) Descent of Inanna, 1997
Dr. Laurel Victoria Gray (D.C.), Persian and Gypsy, 1998, 1999.
Lorraine Lafata (MA) and Kajira Djoumahna at Isis Oasis Ca. 1996 & 1997
Ani Williams (NM), Maui, Mermaids and Mentors, chanting and dance, 1998
Sahra Saeeda (CA), Maui,  Egypt; New and Old, 1999
John Compton (CA), Maui, Folkloric Belly Dance,  1995, Winter 2000
Ani Willians & John Dumas, Sacred Sound Tour
, collaboration Retreat; EGYPT
Mesmera (CA), Maui, Magic and the Re-Birth Belly Dance, Easter  2000
Jelaluddin Loras, (Turkey)  Maui, Zikr and Turn, 1996-2002
Eva Cernik (CO), Maui, Turkish and Sufism, 2001
Barb Ode (WA), Maui, Belly Dance Aerobics, 2001
Rebaba (CA), Maui, Folkloric Belly Dance, 2000
Lorraine Lafata (MA), Maui, Aphrodite Belly Dance/ healing thru belly dance 2002
Felicity Flowers (HI/OR), Maui, Embracing Aphrodite, 2002
Nikki Conti (HI) & Sulyman El Coyote (CA), Zambra, A Big Island tour.  2003
Mirayah Delamar (HI), Maui, Sacred Belly Dance, 2004,. . . Concert 2008, Cultural Center.
Claire Wesley (WA), Maui, Collaboration and Belly Dance, 18 years!  until 1992- 2004
Jeremiah Soto of Solace (CA) Big Island, , 2004, 2005
Rachel Lazarus (CA), Big Island, East meets West , 2005
Neighborhood Temple Priestess and Teachers Retreat, Big Island. 2006
 Laura Rose (WA),  Kalani Resort, Drama and the Dance, 2007;. .  Burlesque & Belly Dance,2009
Alfredo (OR/HI), Big island, Sword Dance, 2009
House of Tarab (WA) Big island at Kalani Resort, Golden Age of Belly Dance 2008
Dreaming Bear (HI), Maui, Sacred Poetry & Concert, 2008
Egypt Retreat Tour
/   A Guardian Tour. 2008
Princess Farhana (CA), Big island, Belly Dance and Burlesque, 2009
Dahlia Moon (WA), Kalani Resort, VDP Staff instructor & collaborator; Egyptian & Folkloric, 2010
Amy Sigil Unmata (CA), Big island, ITS Tribal Fusion, 2010 
Fahtiem  and Jennifer Earle (HI) Kalani, Belly Dance and Nia. 2011
Alimah , Erik Brown, Michael Negeeb of House of Tarab. (HI) Kalani, Private Retreat. 2012

MUSICIANS at Delilah’s Visionary Belly Dance Retreats

Michael Beach, 1992, 1993
Uncle Mafufo, Drum instructor, 1992-2004
Steven Flynn, 1990-2003
Ani Williams on Harp, 1998
Mark Bell, 1995
Sirocco, Middle Eastern Band, 1992-2004
Sulyman El Coyote, Middle Eastern and Flemenco, 1992-2004
Jeremiah Soto and friends, 2005
Latiff Bolat, 2007
John Bilezikjian, 997
Erik Brown, Multi instrumentation, 2004-present
Stephen Elaimy, 2007, 2009
Mark Bell
Local Maui Musicians, 2004
House of Tarab, 6 piece Arabic music ensemble, 2008
Mr Erik Brown on bass, chimbus, drums,  206-2012


Other extra important influences

In the later parts of Delilah’s career, she attributes a lot of her own personal growth as an artist and business woman to have come from her study with Gabriel Roth’s Urban Shaman material, her association with author Bill Mastrosimone and director George Coats, her 7 years with the Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes and Shiek Jellaladine Loras, and Sufi/Rumi retreats with Colman Barks and Zuleika, her association with drumming, ritual, trance and visual artists and mentors Sarah Teofanov, Michelle Seville,  Armando Fojaccho, Fran and Claire Murphy, Steven Flynn and dancer/therapist Lorraine Lafata and choreographer and dancer Scholar Dr Laurel Victoria Gray. .Special mention to Ahmed Fayed and his family, he was an Egyptologist to the Edger Casey Foundation and Guardian Travel .

More DANCERS AND ARTISTS Delilah has had the pleasure to work with.

(if your name is missing, or misspelled, please kindly let us know and forgive the oversite!)

Scheherazade, Delilah’s early training for night clubs
Marta Schill, Delilah’s early belly dance training and gigs
Christine and John Hamby for all their support, collaboration and friendship
Sultana Lea, Night club gigs
Lorraine Sbedico; Fabulous parade block manager!
Rossah, a Jamila Style Tribal/Folkloric, teacher & troupe member at pleasure faire
Phaedra (CA), Turkish Emporium
George Coats, Director, Cornish School for the Arts, The Way of How project 1980
Annaheed (CA), Perfumes of Araby
Rodger Scheibner, Film and performance project Bellevue Art Museum
Zaphara, involved with politics for dancers rites and picnics
Saphira, Retreats co-dancer
Sarah Teller for being my right arm; classes, parades and editing my unfinished manuscript.
Sarah Teofanov (NM), Ritual Art and Belly Dance theater projects
Solteca, HI, Costa Rica, and Germany Tour assistant
Laura Legere, Tours and Seattle projects
Aubre Hill, VDP concert (Seattle) and LA concert
Rachel Brice, VDP co-sponsored workshop
Debbie Antantas, East Coast  Caravan Tour sponsor
Miramar, East Coast Caravan Tour sponsor
Ramona, East Coast Caravan Tour sponsor
Zajal (Egypt), East Coast Caravan Tour sponsor and belly dance poet projects
Sherry McDonald, East Coast Caravan Tour sponsor, Blue Lotus
Jillina, VDP co-sponsored workshop
Amel Tafsute
Moria, VDP co-sponsored workshop
Tamilyn Dallal, VDP workshops
Artemis Morat, VDP workshop, 2008
Cecilia Rinn, VDP workshop, “BELLY”documentary film, Concert, 1990WA, 2016 ID
Ruby,  Student and friend who is dancer extraordinaire!, workshops and VDP video
Raqs Steady Eddie, VDP Studio instructor, Hip Hop Belly Dance
Tayissa Blue, gigs and rituals, VDP Video and Staff Instructor, Tribal Fusion
Haava, Germany workshops, concerts and videos
Said el Amir, Germany concert and German touring
Helena of Art Belly, 5 stop tour in South Korea
Fanina, Dancer and Photographer
Jawahir Bahiya, Dancer and Sponsor
Hayatt El Helwa, Brazil tour sponsor
Adriene Rice, VDP staff instructor, 2004
Christine Hamby, prized Student, VDP Instructor, and art collaborator
Rhamza Alli, Brazil Tour sponsor and translator
Dalia Carella, Co-instructors and performers
Aziza (OR), Canada Co-dancer and student of dance
Wendy Buonaventura, 1996
Myriam, VDP workshop, 2005
Roxy, (WA) Student that unfolded like a butterfly as well as become a producer!
Freya, CA Sponsor and VDP sponsored workshop
Gazelle Pam Roberson (AZ), sponsor and costumer
Vicki Horiuchi (WA), costumer
The Rubaiyats Dancers (WA), dance troupe and sponsor
Kathy Balducci (WA), dancer, collaborator MC, and Sister City Artists for Peace
Susan Oliver (WA), Student, writer, and photographer
Chris Fade (WA), Sponsor and Student
Tahia Alibek (AZ), Costumer, sponsor, and collaborator
Sherry and Fuzzy, HI. FL. and Caravan Tour sponsor
Suzy Evans, CA Sponsor and video producer IAMED
Tatseena, CA dancer, friend and sponsor
Michelle Boucre, WA Dancer and wise sage
Mike Copner (CA), WA video producer of Korla Pandit Live. co staring Delilah


House of Tarab (WA),
      David McGrath, Sallah Ali, Stephen Elaimy, Jane Hall, Andy Zadrozny, Erik Brown
Steven Flynn years of amazng Rock and Roll, Sufi music poetry, drums, ney and piano.
Doug Adams of Light Rain, 2006
Brothers of the Baladi forever!
Karim Nagi, (NY) workshops, concerts, and fun, 2005, 2006, 2008
Joe Zeytoonian (FL), VDP workshop and show, 2005
Tim Rayborn with Solace Tour (CA), VDP workshop and show, 2005
Ruben Von Rompey with Solace Tour (Europe), VDP workshop and show, 2005
Raja Zaar, 1981-1989
Ani Williams (AZ) harp, 90’s retreats and Egypt
Lets Drum Band 86-90’s
Ladies Don’t Drum with  La Drum 90’s
Trans Arabian Sound, 1984
George Kayat 1975
Aziz Katra mid 70’s.
Antwoine Hage 70’s
Harim Carivan; Dave Dhillon, Tony Kerasak, Richard Barham 70’s
John Bilizekjian & Var Dagdehvarian 1975-200o’s
Oasis, 1984
George Sadak (WA), Grecian, Corner, projects, 1984-1989
Takis Dotis Bazooki (WA), Grecian Corner, 1978-1989


Joe Butts, Calendar project photographer
Jennifer Richard Photographyvarious projects
Bill Murray Photographer
Karen Mascowitz Photographer
Allison Nesis Photographer

Freeman Mester
Chris Yetter
Keith Drosen

Martha Elena burns
Steven Flynn
Fran Murphy
Jerry Johnson

A few of Delilah’s influencial authors and books over the years:

Leonard Shlain: Art and Physics, The Alphebet verses the Goddess, Sex Power and Time, Leonardos Brain
Hal Zina Bennett: The Well Body Book and The Lens of Perception and others
Starhawk: The Spiral Dance and all others.
Gabriel Roth: Maps to Ecstasy, Sweat your Prayers
Sylvia Bennett: Magic: the Simple Truth and Radical Light
Jean Shinolda Bolen: Goddesses in Every Woman and all her books
Jeremy Naydler:  Temple of the Cosmos
Jeremy Narby: Cosmic Serpent and the Origin of DNA
Anything about or written about Carl Jung,
Irene Claremont De Castillejo, Knowing Woman
Sylvia Brinton Perera The Descent of the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women
Laura Legere: It’s Not Weird Anymore
Martha Elens Burns: The Belly Dance Book Celebrating the Sacred Feminine
Marta Schill: The Compleat Belly Dancer
Jamila Salimpour: From Cave To Cult to Cabaret
Zarifa Aradoon: The Oldest Dance
Ted Shawn: Every Little Movement
Le Meri: Total Ethnic Dance
Eric Franklin: Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery

Famous Associations Delilah has enjoyed:

Delilah also had the pleasure to meet the late great Tahia Carioca and dance in her theater in  Cairo Egypt in 1976. She also met Sohair Zaki and Nagwa Fouad on that trip. Delilah also got to meet Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas and be in a scene with Jane Fonda in the movie China Syndrome. This opportunity was brought to her because Delilah started the first  “Belly Gram” . The Belly Gram was her conceptual  extension on the singing telegram idea, only it opened the door for all sorts of entertainment as surprise gifts vignettes. She was doing them through the ” Live Wires Comapany” owned by Josha Leeds and the companies acts were written into the skript. Delilah also met Stephen Hawking by happen stance in a small resturaunt one day. She is a big fan of his.

that studied with her intensively, and have achieved public recognition over the years

Katherine Saab, Prized Student and an owner of Radiance Yoga & Dance
Habiba, prized Student
Bonnie, prized Student
Sable, prized student
Arriba Red, prized student
Faye Zama, prized Student and collaborator
Mishaal, (Japan), prized student, workshops and sponsor with Sirocco
Bella Jovan, prized student, video choreography and VDP Staff Instructor
Christine Hamby, prized student  staff VDP Instructor and art collaborator
Lisa Hirotani, prized student and secretary of the NTP
Sabura, prized student and co-dancer
Gypsy (Paula Reed Stump), prized student, co-dancer, Egypt Tour 2000
Nicole, prized Seattle student now in Egypt
Magi, prized student and art collaborator
Selena (WA), prized student, workshops, troupe work and concerts
Laura Legere, prized student, VDP Office assistant, aroma therapy instructor
Raqs Serpentine, prized students and troupe; Leslie Rosen, Kaori, Ellen Boyd
Kendra, prized student and troupe leader of Hands of Kali
Maria Lafrance, prized student and class assistant
Jane Hall, prized student and classroom drummer
Habib, prized student
Inanna (Grace Llewellyn), prized student and inspiration
Melissa Ruby, prized student
Sarah Teller, prized student, parade manager, collaborator, assistant editor
Kari Berger, prized student and VDP Office assistant
Pine Crooks, prized student and VDP Office assistant
Angela Silling, prized student and VDP Office assistant
Lorraine Bigelow, prized student and parade assistant
Brigette S., prized student, co-dancer Korea, collaborator on the Pyramid project 2007

Original Visionary Dancers

Zorina, Denise, Mimi Pettibone, Mirayah Delamar, Maria Lafrance, Sahaila;
Laura Rose, prized student, collaborator, co-conspirator, tour partner, personal assistant, inspiration, and daughter, 2002 to present

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