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HOT_stageSome like it H.O.T. (House of Tarab)
Some of the band members have been playing together for 18 years in different band incarnations but have formed a cohesive ensemble as House of Tarab since 2004, adding bassist Andy Zadrozny in 2007 for an even richer sound. They perform vintage live Arabic music from the Golden era of Arabic belly dance and Egyptian film music written in the 30’s- mid 70’s. They play acoustic instruments in concert or in tandem with award winning internationally renown middle eastern style belly dancers like Seattle’s own Delilah, Dahlia, Ruby, Elisa Gamal, Laura Rose, as well as visiting artists like Aziza of Montreal, Aubre of the LA based Belly Dance Superstars, musician/dancer Karim Nagi and newly recognized rising stars like Bella Jovan and Nicole…. The band is adorable in their fez and tuxedos. Sallah will melt you with his violin, the oud and ney sweep you into ecstatic state that is TARAB. The arrangements are superbly orchestrated by players with symphonic experience, but then they roll up their sleeves and play a powerful down home debke and folkloric repertoire. They make everyone feel like smiling like dancing!

Two CD’s available: $20

CD review: http://www.ishimmy.com/Columns/Reviews/CD_Review__House_of_Tarab/

“Tarab” is a state of ecstasy and surrender one enters into while listening, with Body and Soul, to music. Whether it’s the dancing strings of the Oud, the weeping melody of the violin, the mystical call of the nay or the pulsating rhythm of the drums…The ” House of Tarab” invites you in.
The door is open.

“Salamu Alaikum