Solstice Parade 2012 Costume

Belly Dance, Persian dance, visionary dance


Game Plan:
All dancers will learn and perform all dances.
• Pop belly dance, fast pace.
• Bollywood
• Uzbek
• Persian
• Traditional Belly Dance, slow pace
• Drum transitions
We need 8-12 dancers minimum in each costume theme.
Sign up for the parade. Then we will begin to divide into sections starting on the Sunday lecture Kick off. If you have a preference then come to Sunday May 6 and or Monday May 7 events and get first picks.
Thurdays Nights are Costume Clinics for help with costumes or just being social while working on them.
See Calendar page>> “MAY” then “June”

belly dance, persian dance, visionary dance, solstice parade

Costume outlines: (so far)
Dress or leotard w/marching long skirt
Long sleeve less vest
Hat with feather and sheer veil
Wrist bells
COLORS: Purple w/turquoise accents
Purple leotard and skirt or dress
Long sash at waist
Hat with veil
COLOR Purple w/ Magenta pink accents
“Kameez salvar” i.e.Bollywood:
Punjabi pants and tunic top
OR “Lengha Choli” i.e.
long skirt and short sleeve bare midriff
COLOR: Purple w/ orange accents
Belly Dance
COLORS Green, Purple Gold or Silver
Tunics and Pants; Sequined Purple!
Punjabi Suits are most excellent.

Solstice parade, belly dance, persian dance, bollywood, uzbek





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