So you want to Be a Pro?

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10-12pm: We will start with the “Perfect Practice” workshop up to 15 people
Lunch (there will be a homework writing assignment, so people should bring lunch)
1-2:30pm: Lecture and discussion on professionalism (this part of the class should be 10 max)
2:30-4pm: Hands on critique session on makeup, promotional materials and costumes

So you want to Be a Pro?

In this hands on full day workshop, Ruby guides you through her own process on how to become a professional bellydancer. Drawing on her own experience and motivational teaching style, Ruby will lead you through the process in full detail. The day will begin with lecture and dance exercises on how to stay inspired and motivated to practice. Then we will delve into the details of what a professional bellydance career looks like, what is expected of you and how to present yourself to the community. The day will finish off with individually oriented guidance on costuming, makeup and promotional materials. If you want to be a pro, this workshop is not to missed!


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In this workshop Ruby shares her secrets on how to practice and stay motivated.  Lots of exploratory exercises and clever tricks are presented to keep your practice hours fun and productive!
$35 adv Cash or Check
$37 Pay online until April 14th Sorry No Refunds

$45 at the Door Cash or Check


How to register

Please download and print our registration form, fill it out and send it in with a check. We also have a mail slot at the Studio.

ruby, belly dance, turkish, raqs sharqui, danse orientalWith a background in American Classic Bellydance, Kung Fu and Turkish Oriental styling, Ruby is taking the stage with her own powerhouse style. She began pursuing her career in bellydance after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry. Rubys love of Turkish culture and dance have drawn her to head strait for the source and study extensively in Istanbul. She is widely recognized for a raw, untamed and passionate dance style that has won numerous titles including 2010 Bellydancer of the World 1st Runner up and 2009 Bellydancer USA. More about Ruby>>

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