Parade Time

25 Annual Fremont Solstice Parade!

Theme to come!


Parade Belly Dance


Tuesday Nights plus 1 Thursday.

May 14, 21, 28, June 4,11, 18 (Dress Rehearsal June 20)


and Thursday 20th Dress Rehearsal 7:30-8:30

NOTE: This class may end sooner 7:00 or later 9:00; by 30 minutes depending on if weather has been a challenge and how well we know our routines. These classes are held at BF Day School Yard and/or Delilah’s home studio

June 29th Saturday Night After Party with Live Music  6:30-11:00


Experienced Parade Class 

(or for Dancers who just can’t make Tuesday Class).

Thursday Nights  – 7-8:30. plus as many Tuesday nights as they can make.

•June 9 First Night Planning Day and Choreographic Construction (we may go later)

(skip May 16), June 23,  June 30,  June 6, we work on dance, costumes and props.

(skip 13; work on costume at home)

June 20 Dress Rehearsal ALL MUST ATTEND

June 29th Saturday Night After Party  6:30-11:00

Included; Those who are in Thursday class are encourages to go to as many Tuesday Classes as possible to help the class along.(see dates above)

This class is for dancers who have been in the parade with us before and who want to be part of the costuming, any prop construction and act as a think tank for the evolution of our parade performance. And/or those who are quick studies of dance routines. In these classes we make changes and additions to our dances if need be during the courses duration.

Also if Thursday night is your only available night out of the week to attend then you may also take this nights class. There will be experienced dancers to help you catch up.


 Cost: $90 Cash or Check Send in or Drop off with Registration Form get it here>>

or Pay Online $95 Sorry no Refunds

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