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Temple Priestess
Neighborhood Temple Priestess Workshop with Delilah

The Neighborhood Temple Priestess is a loose organization of dancers whose goals are about connectivity with community through our dance. We specialize in wedding and baby showers, dances in nature, labyrinths, performance art and out reach to women in need in our community.
Please wear belly dance white.
It’s our base uniform. The design and line is up to you. Some of you have been members and some are brand new to our ensemble. Everyone is welcome. We will revisit some of our stand by dance work and some will be new. A bit of trance dance and see where it takes us. We will open a new chapter.

Date: July 12th
Time: 7:30-9:45
Cost: $50

How to register

Please download and print our registration form, fill it out and send it in with a check. We also have a mail slot at the Studio. Sorry, we do not take credit cards for classes.

Background: What is a “Neighborhood Temple Priestess”?  The Priestesses act as community facilitators to mentor other women and demonstrate the power behind this ancient dance. We support belly dance in all its artistic diversity and embrace various style of belly dance. This gathering is not intended to compete with professional performance venues, rather to fill a charitable niche by hosting meaningful social occasions for women in need: baby showers, wedding showers, healing times, wakes, ground breaking events.  They strive to lend support to organizations like Code Pink, Women for Peace, Battered Women’s and Homeless Shelters, Senior Centers and Children’s Hospitals.  NTP is an auxiliary group of Visionary Dance and is supported by VDP and it’s community of students and friends and is supportive in return to VDP.

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