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Dear Dancers,

Help us find 21 Golden Patrons!

This is supremely important so please read to understand the details. There is no financial obligation to helping us. There are many ways!

VDP STUDIOS is at risk of closing. If we close our doors they will not be reopened.

Let’s not allow that to happen! Please take a moment to read my letter below if you wish to comment or have thoughts about the program follow the link to my Blog below.


We are gladly accepting gifts. If you would like to donate now with you Paypal or Credit Card please click the donate button below. Thank you ever dollar is a vote for Belly Dance!

Dear Dancers and Friends,

Who will stand with us to say belly dance is important in our lives? I have dedicated the last 38 years of my life to belly dance. I am asking you to stand up like a pillar in society and say to the rest of the community that this dance form deserves to be supported and cherished.

Supporting Visionary Dance both financially and emotionally is a vote in supporting belly dance in all its styles and diversity. My record is strong for supporting dancers, musicians and artists from all over the globe. On one side I have known belly dance as Middle Eastern cultural entertainment. On the other hand, I have played a major role in the American evolution of this art. It is by the nature of women’s liberation of body and spirit that we have found this dance to hold supreme health benefits for women of all ilk; young, old, large and small. We know this dance as healing salve and as a means for expression that can last us a life time. It builds stronger independent women that are not afraid to move or be moved.

The Golden Patrons are a motion of change. Women supporting women. Women standing up and saying we are proud to be belly dancers. In the midst of such economic and political upheaval we can change the tide and use our power to represent something we know.

The other day I revisited my work with belly dance and pregnancy and realized no matter how we would like to romanticize the connection of belly dance as an aid for women during their time of gestation and birth, it cannot be put to good use unless it is experienced as a holistic commitment. This means the development of this dance needs to come before child bearing years. The point being that education towards understanding this dance more completely is paramount. Supporting a school for belly dance is what we must do. If we want to do really valuable work then it cannot always be driven by the class enrollment dollar. Knowing we have support every month will allow us to offer more class diversity and further the art to more women.

At VDP we do good work. We have a beautiful studio location in Seattle that sponsors a 6 piece Middle Eastern all acoustic ensemble every month, as well as top professional dance instructors locally and from around the world. We have sponsored leading instructors at my Hawaii retreats each January for 20 years. This has given folks the opportunity to do more condensed study and employ creativity. We have the Billion Belly March in the Parade each year! We have a tour going to Egypt this March 2011 that will bring dancers and family in touch with the Egyptian cultures of today and yesterday.

My desire is to leave something to this dance. Creating a school and a foundation by and for women is my ultimate goal. This dance is important to me. I know it is important to many of you. I hope you will help me in my vision. I may not be perfect in speech or tone but my dedication is obvious. Please think of how you can help. Ways? Participating in our worthy events, classes, workshops, concerts, retreats, Tours to Egypt. Become a Golden Patron or hand this brochure on to someone else. By doing so, expand the opportunity to act and support your dance studio, something visionary for women.

This is the first step in revealing a new model of doing belly dance business. Please pass it on to other dancers.  More details and future plans are being revealed  on my Golden Patron Blog.

Please print the brochure out and distribute where ever you can.

pdficon_small Downloadable PDF Golden Patron Booklet

pdficon_small Downloadable PDF Mail in Form

pdficon_small Downloadable PDF Letter from Delilah

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