Giving Thanks to a Woman’s Body


Annual Giving Thanks for a Women’s Body

“ Giving Thanks for a Woman’s Body”

Every Thanks Giving since 2004 we have held a special morning class.
Our intention is to begin the day with meaningful gratitude and exercise for our bodymind and spirt.

Please let us know you are coming. Space is limited.
Call or email 206 632-2353

Class led by

• Delilah of Visionary Dance

• Evilyn Sin Clair of Sinner Saint Burlesque

• Live Music and drum by Erik Brown of House of Tarab

10:15 till 12 noon. Yoga stretch, dance, and women’s circle
12:00-1:00 Mamosas OJ, fruit and quiche. HOT TUB

Bring a song poem, thought, story to share, if you feel inclined.
Bring a snack or treat to share, if you want to.
All welcome

Cost $20 online or at the Door


“Giving Thanks for the Gift of a Woman’s Body”
Great Mother, Creator, Spirit of Life
we give thanks for the gift of a woman’s body
that we are thereby linked to the moon, the tides,
the forces of regeneration and healing.
We honor you and ourselves this day,
with ritual and cleansing.
Let us praise and tenderly celebrate you:
these limbs, these breasts, these eyes,
this womb, this belly, this mind and this beating heart.
Blessed be the body, our home, our temple
our dearest friend and wisest teacher.
Let us listen deeply, quietly, lovingly to her.
Let us take good care of her; nurture an
protect her from stress and disease.
Let us elevate her to her rightful place
with mindfulness, pleasure and joy.

by Michele Savelle

Please call or email IF you are planning on coming.
You will be given the address if needed.
If you are not coming no need to apologize.
Cheers and have a beautiful day!

Delilah Gold Photo by

Delilah Gold Photo by

Delilah is an internationally acclaimed belly dance performer and instructor. She was the first dancer to receive the Dancer of the Year Award from the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance in Hollywood, California 1997. Delilah grew up in Southern California, learning the dance form as it was passed on and popularized in this country by first and second generation immigrants from Lebanon, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Morocco and Greece. Her years of devoted study and practice have led her to become one of the foremost teachers and innovators in the field of bellydance today.  More >>

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