Traditional Belly Dance Performance and Recital


January 12: Music assignments and discus performance constructs
January 19:
Stage presence eyes, arms and hands.,

Skip January 26 to work on your piece independently while staff is at Belly dance Retreat in Hawaii.

February 2: Perform your piece for class and get feed back
February 9:
Drum solo work with Erik Brown and Delilah
February 16:
Improve spontaneously to a piece that’s not yours for the class
February 23:
Dress rehearsal may go later than 8:30
February 26:
Recital Dancers curtain call is at 6:45 set up and dress

In this class we will use music exclusively from the House of Tarab CD’s as well as drum solo work with Erik Brown. Both CD’s contain traditional Belly Dance music from the Golden Age of belly dance. All belly dancers even if they are currently dancing to non traditional music should be familiar with the classic genres if they want to be considered knowledgeable belly dancers. At the start of the performance series each dancer will be assigned a song to perform to in our evening recital on Friday night February 26th. 7:30-10:00 (Live music elements by House of Tarab maybe present otherwise you will use the CD.) As you sign up you can request a first and second choice of a song to be your music in the recital. First come first serve. Otherwise you will have to draw from a hat. During the 6 weeks you will get to know it very well!

Current Session

Date: Jan 12, 19, (Skip 26) Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, 26 Recital
: 7:10–8:40pm
Cost: $120 or $112 with 5 Days Advanced Registration

Doors open at 7:30 Performance starts at 8:00. All dancers are encouraged to invite friends and family.

How to Register

Please download and print our registration form, fill it out and send it in with a check. We also have a mail slot on the studio far door. Sorry, we do not take credit cards for classes. Drop-ins $15 cash $18 check

Delilah Gold Photo by

Delilah Gold Photo by

Delilah is an internationally acclaimed belly dance performer and instructor. She was the first dancer to receive the Dancer of the Year Award from the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance in Hollywood, California 1997. Delilah grew up in Southern California, learning the dance form as it was passed on and popularized in this country by first and second generation immigrants from Lebanon, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Morocco and Greece. Her years of devoted study and practice have led her to become one of the foremost teachers and innovators in the field of bellydance today.  More >>

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