Article: Personal Experience of the “Luscious Lakshmi” All Day Retreat by Delilah

Kathy Kali is a passionately inspired, energetic and positive focused young woman; A Hypnotherapist, Prosperity Life Coach, Women’s Tantric Dance teacher, Couples Intimacy Councilor and a Mother of two. She walks her talk more than anyone I know.

I have become familiar with her work through “Women of Wisdom”, as well as through knowing other Women’s Tantric instructors and as a regular monthly teacher in my dance studio for the past 3 years. She comes up to Seattle from her home base of Ashland Oregon to teach classes, workshops, retreats and meet with private clients in the Seattle area. I have taken some of her Tantric Dance classes as well as with some other teachers in the area. I am highly impressed by her in particular. The question everyone asks.

I know Belly Dance, but what’s Tantric Dance?
I have been teaching Belly Dance for 40 years to women for all sorts of reasons; fun, fantasy and fitness (actually Kathy has studied belly dance too, but these other aspects are her professional directive). While belly dance is thought of as a performance art with lights, costumes and audience, it really is as well about general fitness of body, mind and spirit. Women are drawn to the ancient art of belly dance to rev up their bodily awareness and for productive personal growth that avails them throughout their lives. Some dancers never perform in public. That is not their interest.

Women’s Tantric Dance shares some connections to belly dance as it works with the bodies energy and focuses on the belly in deep ways. It is very important that women reclaim the love and relationship with their bellies. Tantric dance it is not a public performance dance art. The women will perform the prescribed technique for each other and then each has an opportunity to share what they felt and witnessed after the dances are done. I liken it to a sort of tea leave reading practice. You are reading each others very deep and personal expression of tantric energy.The more you practice it, the juicier your understanding of it becomes.

As I have been observing the practice for some time now. I feel the work is very beneficial for many women in our society that are into belly dance, but importantly for a whole other group of women who would never have been drawn to belly dance because of the public performance aspects frighten them off.
Both Women’s Tantric Dance and Belly Dance offer sisterhood. Taking time out from the everyday tugs and pulls from job and family to do something with your women friends. Like visiting the red tent once a week for a belly dance class or once or twice a month for tantric dance day. Women need to take time nourishing themselves and communicating in these special age old ways of women’s knowing.

This is an ALL day event, and it’s on a Friday. It may require choosing to taking time off work. I have to say personally; the time I took out of my life to do this workshop had immediate rewards in my life that would not have manifested had I not taken the time and made the commitment.


Blessing be Yours.


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