Beginning Sewing Classes

REPORT: Sewing Class on April 2nd BASIC SEWING; SKIRTS
We introduced sewing tools and what they do.
We looked at patterns and explained all the info on a pattern envelope.
We introduced fabric warp and weft, selvedge, bias and raw edges.
We invited a couple people to do various tasks.
We looked at many circle skirt possibilities followed by straight skirt possibilities.
We counted circle panels and totaled the bottom edge of hem in yards.
We learned belly dance math for making circle skirts.
We measured and cut a custom pattern for Lisa as a demo.
Cut 2 of her fabric out by 2:30 (6 panels for a 3 tear Gypsy skirt) the rest after class.

* In between this class and next, Lisa will connect her skirt seams and layer skirts into one pice at the waist and hang. Ready for class demo # 2
This class was attended by 3 beginners and one seasoned seamstress.


Incase you are still interested I am going to offer 2 classes on April 16th.
BASIC SEWING: “Skirts Reviewed” 9:30-11:30
Break 30 minutes
BASIC SEWING; “Tops and Belts” 12:00-2:30
Sewing classes are $45-55 per class sliding scale (limited to 6- 8 people per class).
Both Classes on April 16 $80 total
Golden Patrons get 15% off

April 16th ( Must sign up by April 11)
Skirts Reviewed 9:30-11:30am
This is for those who missed last class which was very fun and informative!
This class will review hand outs and cover the most important items we covered in the first class. Intro to how to sew, fabrics and all about sewing tools that make sewing much easier. Then Delilah demonstrates samples of various bias cut circle skirts, straight skirts. You will learn about layouts, and how to make a personal circle skirt pattern for your size.
Tops and Belts  Noon – 2:30 pm or 3:00
Subjects: Tops and Belts Introduced.
Patterns, bras, belts, vests, trims, coins and beads.
First Left Over Project from last class “Skirts” we will finish up waist band and demonstrate how to hem a full skirt.
In this class we will focus on how to drive our sewing machine, patterns ,seams, trimming and hand sewing.
Projects: 1Undercut vest pattern 2. Retrofit costume bra with more elastic.
3. Make a belt pattern.

For this class I need someone size M-L to volunteer to buy 3/4 yard of fabric for the demo of this project. Plus 3/4 of lining fabric (call Delilah). If others want to bring in fabric to layout and cut with supervision thats fine too. Bring your sewing machine if you have one and want to make your own vest along with Delilah.
Every one will make a belt pattern. Bring in any costume bras that needs fixing or bras you want to turn into a costume. You may need to bring in some elastic we will try to get to everything but we cannot guarantee it. Hopefully we can at least make recommendations.

May 29th
Noon -2:30 or may run longer till 3: 00

Projects: Bathing suits, regular and pleated harem pants.
Bathing suit patterns are easily adapted into belly dance stomach covers and dance trucks. Triangle bra tops are good for belly dance practice wear during warmer times of the year. A pair of full harem pants are best pleated because the fabric falls better off the hip. Great for tribal girls! Measure from hip to ground plus 8 inches. I have made them from cottons, chiffons, taffeta, knits, and even an old Indian bed spread!

How to register

Please download and print our registration form, fill it out and send it in with a check. We also have a mail slot at the Studio. Sorry, we do not take credit cards for classes.

Delilah Gold Photo by

Delilah Gold Photo by

Delilah is an internationally acclaimed belly dance performer and instructor. She was the first dancer to receive the Dancer of the Year Award from the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance in Hollywood, California 1997. Delilah grew up in Southern California, learning the dance form as it was passed on and popularized in this country by first and second generation immigrants from Lebanon, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Morocco and Greece. Her years of devoted study and practice have led her to become one of the foremost teachers and innovators in the field of bellydance today.  More >>

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