Studio Perspective

Liberating and Empowering

Our belief is that belly dance is an empowering outlet of self-expression for women, which is both liberating and fulfilling. We do not see this art form evolving from any one exclusive culture, but rather emerging with a common denominator that distinguishes and fuels the dance as a celebration of “WOMEN.” Women’s power and strength, by nature, resides in the hips. It is ancient, indeed, yet it is totally cutting edge in today’s world. Women are discovering their power!

“Today women have belly dance on their mind; tomorrow they have coin hip scarfs on their hips.”

A new identity based on body awareness is blossoming. And the culture of belly dance provides a process for discovering a new feminine language (a body language) that allows women to think and to move autonomously. When you awaken and learn to control every part of your body, you feel more in control of your life. When women feel free to express their innermost longings, they emanate the beauty and grace of a Goddess.


Belly dance can be a simple, accessible dance for people of all ages, nationalities and perspectives. There are many approaches to the dance. It can be a highly skilled and competitive technical pursuit, or a relaxed rejuvenating therapy or hobby. Belly dance is not one-dimensional, but rather it possesses many facets. It is an endlessly creative art form, without the limits of any one culture or perspective. We support creativity of movement. We want everyone to enjoy belly dance, whether from the perspective of a participant or from the point of view of the audience.

Positive Image

We strive to preserve a woman’s rights to be a viable dance artists at any size, age, and nationality. We support all creative minds and bodies. We support positive and healthy body image. Belly dance builds character and is self-empowering. While dance is often viewed in terms of a memorized choreography in night club and theater presentations, we maintain that dance has much more to offer humanity personally, psychically, spiritually. The venues for belly dance are in the home, heart and community. The archetype of the belly dancer is the sacred priestess of body wisdom: gatekeeper to the mysteries of birth and life. We encourage all women to discover their own power and to use it like never before. One way to express that power in the modern world is to vote! We encourage all women to find their courage and to vote not the opinions of their brothers, fathers, grandfathers and husbands, but to think for themselves, speak their own minds and influence each other. Find your strength to take risks and have a voice in today’s political arenas.

Healing and Growth

Belly dance is a tool for personal growth. As we learn to give voice to every part of our body, we begin to know ourselves better and give ourselves permission to move more freely in our lives.

Men in Belly Dance?

This dance has first and foremost been a feminine art form. It celebrates the belly, body, vessel, birth! It has evolved from what is essentially feminine celebrating the power and grace of a womans body and soul. Yet men are welcome to participate, and more and more men are doing just that. To be in one’s body and know its inner dimensions intimately is to know the gift of the Mother; the gift of life. It takes a special man to understand the spirit of belly dance. The world needs them.

Girls in Belly Dance

We want to introduce girls and young women to the beauty, freedom, and self-discovery that is the art of belly dance. This dance treasures the female body and offers a soulful body language for self-expression. It’s fun, creative, challenging, and a great way to exercise.

Boys in Belly Dance

Sure, why not? While belly dance is predominantly a woman’s thing, for many obvious reasons, we love it when boys are interested. There certainly is a place for them in the art.

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