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Delilah_headshotDelilah is a trail blazing visionary for the art of North American belly dancing. In recognition, she was an invited guest star teacher, performer and lecturer at the International Belly Dance Conference in Toronto this April 2010.

Delilah is one of a kind; a celebrity and Grand Dame among belly dancers. Some call her a belly dance sage. She is not only a superb, passionate performer and instructor, but also an author, innovator, producer, sponsor and promoter to so many other fellow dancers and musicians (see Family & Friends). She sincerely loves belly dance in all its facets. To her, the dance is always in transition and never stationary. She loves how belly dance is a path to self discovery and how it helps women grow and empower themselves. If women are stronger and self empowered it leads to healthier families and world community. Women can belly dance at any age and in all walks of life; be they short, tall, stacked or flat, big as a barn, skinny as a rail, girl scout, maiden, crone, gay, tranny, or granny or even a guy…all of it.Beach_Dance2
One thing about Delilah is, where she leads dancers follow! She quite literally leads parades, retreats, dancers into the ocean, technology and the business of belly dance.


Delilah invites a way of belly dancing that prepares the dancer for more than for the stage. She engages their body, heart and soul. Delilah is a living testimonial that this dance keeps you young vibrant and alive. Her track record shows she is an effervescent fountain of ideas, creativity and action and is not about to slow down any day soon! Anyone who knows her will a testify to this.

“Look out! She has her yellow pencil in her hand!” says Armando, of the musical duo, Sirocco. He has been witness to the amazingly imaginative laboratories she prepares for dancers to explore, experiment, and examine their own dances. This  creates personal growth for everyone concerned.  She sets specially designed, thought provoking coursework, concerts and projects to facilitate the themes and the styles of her invited guest dancers and musicians.

Delilah’s stylistic approach is spontaneous. She maps out her dance in her mind but rarely does it look choreographed. She just knows her music and rides it like a surf board. Using the energy of live music and a close proximity audience as in a theater in the round is where she is most at home.  There is no substitute for seeing her in a live performance. When in Seattle, you should take the opportunity to see Delilah perform to traditional live music with the duo Erik Brown and Stephen Elaimy or the full 6 piece traditional Arabic music ensemble known as House of Tarab (see Calendar). Delilah has co-produced the band’s two beautiful and outstanding CDs “House of Tarab” & “Beledi” that are available for download.


To her credit she has been the featured dancer on at least 45 instructional, performance and documentary video/DVD productions that have been  marketed and distributed around the globe.  Her latest DVD releases are the 9/8 Gypsy Veil and the Limited Edition, Best of The Power Belly Show series by Visionary Dance Productions (VDP 2009) and  a concert performance DVD, Power and Passion by Soulfire Productions produced in 2010.

Her “original” videos  takes you back to 1988. Yes, that’s right. Unlike many of the programs from that time period, “Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop” video series have been protected, remastered, and new footage has been added by the dedicated folks at VDP. They are even more valuable today than in the beginning, as each volume went from 90 minutes to 3  hours on DVD. Since those comprehensive baseline instructional videos were produced, she has steadily brought new programs to the table creatively taking the dance further than the average dancer could have imagined. Since 2003, Visionary Dance has released seven new titles. The yearly releases are only possible because of the ongoing love and support of dancers everywhere for which VDP and Delilah are so grateful.

BDDW_vol3Many of the top dancers of today have personally told Delilah that it was the early “Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop” series that inspired them to seriously pursue belly dancing. Some as a career, a hobby and a essential aspect  of life enhancement . Woman everywhere hand the belly dance tradition down to their  daughters and up to their Mothers! It’s a sisterhood. They recommend her instructional programs to their students. What could be more rewarding and make a dedicated dancer more happy?

Please see some of their stories under “Friends and Family of the Dance“.

The Power Belly ShowThis began as a an online work out classroom format, It was  shot once a week for a year in 2009. It features live music accompaniment by Mr. Erik Brown and Seattle dance participants. In each episode Delilah breaks down techniques but is mostly a Power Belly Style Workout led by with Delilah. She uses her famous Power Belly Weight belts as part of her training that helps dancers learn faster, shape up, build bone density and endurance. As an “extra” Delilah features different teachers  teaching techniques of different styles of belly dance (examples; Ruby Beh, Dahlia, Tayissa,Blue, Laura Rose). Select episodes are available on DVD today. A great way to stay in shape. Each episode has live class atmosphere, live music and guest instructors! Sold in sets of episodes too. Check it out in our store* or call Delilah 206-632-2353.

*Delilah’s online store is temporarily off line because of a death in the family and is being worked on. Stay tuned.


Visionary Dance Productions has been in business for over 25 years, founded by Delilah and then-husband, Steven Flynn.Visionary Dance Productions has always dedicated itself to providing women around the globe with innovative ways to learn, develop and enjoy their passion for belly dance.

HOT HOUSE SALON CONCERTS Check out our calendar for our once a month concert series with the live music accompaniment of 6 member Middle Eastern ensemble House of Tarab and 2 top shelf professional belly dancers as well as your hostess Delilah.

Text reservations to Stephen Elaimy 206-992-0919
or Call Delilah 206-632-2353.

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