Delilah’s Discography (No Comments)


  • Tales of the Night Wind” by Steven Flynn, Visionary Dance Productions, 1988
  • Welcome to the Dance” by Steven Flynn, VDP, 1991
  • Inner Dances by Steven Flynn, VDP, 1994
  • Rapture Rumi ” by Steven Flynn, VDP, 1997
  • Amazonka by Steven Flynn, VDP, composed for Laurel Victoria Gray
  • Calling Up the Oracle by Steven Flynn, composed for Delilah, 1988
  • Calling Up the Oracle for Peace by Steven Flynn, composed for Delilah, 1989
  • Themis Mother of Oracles by Steven Flynn, composed for Delilah, 1990
  • Hathor Movement Meditation by Steven Flynn composed for Delilah, 1997
  • House of Tarab” by House of Tarab, co-produced by Delilah Flynn, 2006
  • Beledi “ by House of Tarab, co-produced by Delilah Flynn, 2008
  • The Power Belly Song by House of Tarab, co-produced by Delilah Flynn, 2009

Video Releases from Visionary Dance Productions

Video Shorts by VDP

  • Dancing in the Natural World, produced by VDP
  • Clan of the Cave Belly, produced by VDP, (HI) 1995
  • Interview with Julia Terr, produced by VDP, 1996. Available in three parts on “Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop”
  • Fashion in Motion”, produced by Roger Schriebner, Delilah plays lead role
  • Solstice Parade”, produced by VDP, Delilah and narrated by Ed Mast, 2008
  • Power Belly Show: Female Enhancement”, promo for Power Belly Show, 2009
  • Interview with Delilah by Laura Rose”, promo for Power Belly Show, 2009

Featured Performer on other dance productions

  • Dance Illusion” music by Raja, produced by Rose Productions of Hollywood California, 1985
  • Festival of the Nile music by Trans Arabian Sound, Orlando Florida 1986
  • Korla Pandit Live 1988 Delilah performs 2 dances in live concert & video release by Video Sonic
  • Spirit of Oriental Dance Havva Productions Germany 1989
  • Egypta German Havva Productions Germany 1997. Pharaonic belly dance style
  • IAMED AWARDS” Hollywood California, IAMED Productions, 1998
  • Belly Dance Live” Hollywood California, IAMED Productions, 2006
  • Tito Show produced by Gigi of Turkey, 2008; Delilah appears with House of Tarab
  • House of Tarab hosted the Seattle Folkloric Society, 2008
  • Power and Passion produced by Soulfire, 2010


Delilah’s Belly Dance Retreat Documentaries 1991-2008; 22-25 archival documentaries

  • Embracing Aphrodite A documentary filmed and produced by Laura Rose Flynn, with support of VDP, over the course of the 2000 Visionary Belly Dance retreat. It features Delilah and Lorraine Lafata exploring the Aphrodite archetype and using belly dance as tool for personal growth. The documentary dealt with beauty issues and sensuality entitlement and has been added as an extra to the DVD, “Delilah & Sirocco! Live & Wild!
  • BELLY” Produced by Full Tilt Boogie 2009. Delilah is an interview subject.

Motion Pictures

  • “China Syndrome” Columbia Pictures.Featuring Jane Fonda, Jack Lemon, Michael Douglas 1978
    Delilah is performing an abreviated Live Wires BellyGram in first 5 minutePlays



               “Shiveree” written by by Bill Mastrosimone. Delilah was Dance Consultant to Seattle Rep. 1987
Inanna, Salome, and the Seven Part Cabaret Belly Dance Routine.” written,                                      directed and narrated by Delilah.  1994
Players;  Claire Wesley as Innana, Maleah as Solome, Robin Rose as the antagonist. Pine as the                       naturalist guide, Laura Rose as Galatour, Victoria Flynn as Kugara, Delilah as Ninshuber and                          the voice of Erishkigal, Steve Flynn as Dumuzi,  Armando Fojacho Enki.



  • 1974 2nd Place in San Diego Sheraton Hotel Competition sponsored by Scheherazade.
  • 1975 2nd Place, Belly Dance Competition in Orange County, CA, 3 day competition for a new car, MC by Regis Philbin.
  • 1977 FIRST PLACE  Winner of  Belly Dancer of the Year (Walnut Creek CA). Sponsored by Sula
  • 1985 Habibi Financial Grant for “Dance To the Great Mother” video documentation
  • 1995 1st Place NPR radio program “Living on Earth” contest “Making a Difference”, host Steve Curwood, prize $5000 trip for two to the Costa Rican Rain Forest. Read the story here >>
  • 1996 Best Belly in Belly Dancing Award, Precision Gems Award, by Nafisa
  • 1997 Winner of Belly Dancer of the Year, (peoples choice) IAMED
    sponsored by Award Suzy Evans.
  • 1997 Jury Selected Presenter for her paper “Dancing in the Natural World”, First International Conference for Middle Eastern Dance OCC College, Costa Mesa,CA.
  • 1998-2000 GIZA AWARDS hosted  by Amina S.F. CA
  • 1998 “Best Belly Dance on Video”, Delilah, in “Delilah & Sirocco, Live & Wild”
  • 1998 “Best Choreography for the Camera”, Delilah, ‘Sacred Circle’ from
    “Delilah & Sirocco; Live & Wild”
  • 1999 Best Interpretive Belly Dance, Delilah, Second IAMED AWARDS Concert Video Produced by Suzy Evans
  • 2000 “Amina’s Choice, Most Inspirational”, Delilah,
    “Absolute Beginning Belly Dance with Delilah”
  • 2007 Dave McKay Arts Grant, $1400 to help her build a giant pyramid as part of her
    Solstice Parade dance ensemble
  • 2007 Master Instructor Award, International Belly Dance Conference in Las Vegas, NV
  • 2008 Nominated for City of Seattle Mayors Small Business Award
  • 2009 Dave McKay Arts Grant $300 for materials, ocean theme props for her
    Solstice Parade Dance ensemble
  • 2009 Nominated for City of Seattle Mayors Small Business Award
  • 2009 Seattle Business Award for being in business for over 25 Years.