Delilah’s Performance Works (No Comments)

The following are dance works spanning from retreat exploration performances to international tours, to political, gallery and art projects. This is not a complete list, but some original and unusual highlights. As Delilah and her biographers recall and come across other works, these lists may change and grow.

  • The Way of How, 1980
    An avant-garde performance piece Directed by George Coats at the Cornish Institute for the Arts.
  • Samson and Delilah, ACT Theater, 1987
    Delilah performs to music by Sainte Seans
  • Winter Solstice Feasts, 1990–2004
    Delilah was the official torch barer to dancer to ignite the annual Sun King art effigy.
  • “In the Garden of Allah”, 1990–present
    This annual show is a mix of Aroma Therapy and Belly Dance. They engage the senses with an show where each dancer had a different scent as her muse. In recent years it has come to use the sense of taste as well turning it into a banquet/ dance performance.
  • “Entertainment for the Beloved”, 1992, 1996, 2009
    Utilized a soloist, poetry by Ruth St Denis, and shadow dancers.
  • “Lotus Pool”, Stylized Pharaonic Choreography, 1992
  • “Inanna, Salome & the 7 Part Cabaret Belly Dance Routine”, Hawaii 1994
    Delilah wrote a belly dance play that connects modern belly dance format with archetypes, allegories of season and the Sumerian decent myth.
  • “Experiments with Dancing in Nature”, 1994
    Delilah took a group of 4 dancers and 3 musicians to explore dancing with nature and recorded it. This later became footage for “Delilah & Sirocco Live & Wild!”
  • “Junk to Jewels”, Hawaii, 1996
    This was a recycled costume performance and costume contest where dancers made a costume with only recycled items, told a story and performed a dance.
  • Trolloween, 1996, 2008, 2009
    1996 and 2009 Delilah created 3D shadow plays complete with glasses. In 2008, she cast a Spell for Peace on Fremont. Sponsored by The Fremont Arts Council.
  • “Ziker and Zaars”, 1996–present
    Delilah creates her own ritualized belly dance events based on her experience and study with other traditions.
  • “Clan of the Cave Belly”, 1997
    A movie project made on the bluffs over looking the ocean while on a Maui retreat.
  • “Belly Dance Through the Ages”, Hawaii 1998
    A show theme following a historic time line presenting assortment of performers. ’98
  • “Mermaids and Mentors”, Hawaii, 1999
    Dancers became mermaids as they danced to chants, harp, wind and ney in mermaid costumes around the oceans tide pools.
  • “Circle Baladi”, 2001–present
    Delilah Choreographs a circle dance and teaches it dancers all over the world . Becoming perhaps the first belly dance folkloric dance.
  • “Power Belly Circle Dance”, 2002–present
    2nd circle dance. Each movement has a symbolic meaning for women’s empowerment
  • Winter Solstice Feasts, 2005–2009
    Delilah and friends have created elaborate art installations to house evening performances works in conjunction with the Fremont Art’s Council house evening.
  • Concert by Seattle Folkloric Society, 2008
    Delilah, Suzanna and House of Tarab.
  • “In the Garden of Delilah”, 2009
    Like, “In The Garden Of Allah, a mix of Aroma Therapy and Belly Dance, but performed outside. They engage the senses with an show where each dancer had a different scent as her muse.
  • Arts a Glow, 2009
  • 3D Shadow Play, 2009
  • Women of Wisdom, 2009
    Delilah opened for Starhawk at the annual 2009 Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle.

Major Tours

Delilah has traveled all over the US and Canada since around 1982, giving workshops and performances too numerous to mention. In other countries, she’s been invited to star in prepared road tours as well as she has mounted and produce a few of her own. Some are for groups, private education purposes, as well as documentary filming.

  • Egypt, 1976
    Educational, Hosted by Dalila of NV and Bert Baladine; there Delilah met Tahia Carioca, Saherazaki and Najwa Fuad
  • Germany Performance Tours, 1993, 1995, 1997. Sponsored by Haava of Germany
  • “Sister City Artist for Peace Exchange”, 1989
    Traveled to Tashkent Uzbekistan (in the then Soviet Union) with reciprocal sponsorship of 30 dancers to Seattle during the Good Will Games in Seattle in 1990. Key player in hosting 30 artists from Uzbekistan to to seattle during games.
  • “Costa Rican Caravan Tour”, 1995
    Delilah won a $5000 prize in a contest called “Making a Difference” on the Living on Earth show hosted by Steve Kurwood. This leads to a 10 day tour pursuing Dancing in Nature with a small group of poets, drummers, dancers and a naturalist guide in the Costa Rican rain forest.
  • “Medicino Music and Dance Camp”, 1996, 1997
    Delilah was an invited guest ’96 and featured instructor in ‘97. CA
  • “Dervish Tour and Pilgrimage”, Turkey 1997
    Delilah joins Sheik Jelaleddin Loras and travels to Turkey; the assignment to document Turning in Rumi’s Tomb.
  • “Soaring Spirit”, Egypt 1997
    Video project of Delilah dancing in Hathor’s Temple and other sites in Egypt with assistance of Laura Legere of Soaring Spirit.
  • “Sacred Sound Tour”, Egypt 2000
    Delilah and her dancers join Ani Williams to chant, meditate and dance in Sacred Temple Sites of Egypt. Private video documentary.
  • Brazilian Tour,  2000
    Sponsored by Hyatte El Helwa’s Luxor Academy in San Paulo and Ramza Ali in Lundrina Brazil. Delilah taught, performed and judged a contest.
  • West Coast Tour with Sirocco, 2001
    Delilah & Claire host Sirocco in Oregon and Washington
  • “Big Island Caravan Tour”, 2002
    This was a departure from the retreat where dancers moved to 3 different sites on the Big Island of Hawaii. Delilah Sirocco and Niki Conti and dancers study Belly Dance and Zambra dance.
  • “40 Days and 40 Nights; East Coast Caravan Tour”, 2003
    Belly dance went though a large resurgence in 2002 – 2003 all over the world. At this point Delilah took on the initiative to sponsor a huge networking tour with the band Sirocco from Santa Cruise, CA. It included 15 different cities from New York to Miami. It also featured the public introduction of her daughter, Laura Rose as a belly dance performance artist. NY, PA, PA, MA, NJ, NY, CT, MD, D.C.VA, NC, GA, FL, FL, FL
  • Tokyo, 2004
    Sponsored by Mishaal of Tokyo; Sirocco, Delilah, Laura Rose and Dawn
  • South Korea 5 City Tour, 2006
    Sponsored by Helena of Art Belly. Highlight was dancing in Heyri Artists Valley on the DMZ, Daegu, Seoul and Busan. Delilah, Laura Rose, Stephen Elaimy, Erik Brown, and Brigitte.
  • “Delilah’s Ancient Egyptian Tour”, 2007
    Delilah and her family is joined by like minded dancer friends to pursue the dancing Spirit of Ancient Egypt for 14 days, 2008. Highlight was dancing for 2 hours privately in the Great Pyramid. Delilah taught Power Belly Circle Dance in Queens chamber, led ritual and chants in the King’s chamber.

Other Memorable and Out-of-the-Ordinary Projects

  • Shivaree by William Mastrosimone: dance consultant at Seattle Repertoire Theater
  • Belly Dance Competition Judge in various contests: Luxor Academy Brazil, Belly Dancer of the Universe CA, IBDC NV, Double Crown WA, Emerald Rain Wa, La Danse Oriental Wa. Belly Dance Off! Wa
  • IBDC Las Vegas NV 2006 featured teacher judge performer with House of Tarab .
  • Mother Baby International Film Festival; 2007 sponsored by Sagefemme. Delilah is invited to show Dance to Great Mother and be on discussion panel.
  • Mommy Muse Event 2008 with Christy Wenk Belly Dance for postpartum depression. Delilah’s Neighborhood Temple Priestess group provided performance.

Recent Politics or Charity

  • Asian Heritage Events, 2008–2009
  • Art of Resistance Festival, 2002–2004
    Performed for Ed Mast projects, lecturer & workshops as well as other street theater works
  • Code Pink Benefit for Children maimed in Iraq war, 2008
  • Rally for Single Payer Healthcare , 2009, (2 marches)
  • Donated services in 2009 for various:
    The Abby Arts in Fremont, Naral, Local Assisted Living Facilities, Sofia Center to aid Homeless Women.