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Belly Dance into the Sea

Belly Dance into the Sea

Integrity and value

I try very hard my entire career. I am very dedicated to this dance, this art and the women who pursue it. I suppose I am driven by some sort of urge to make a difference and improve our station in life as dancers, as women, as artists . . . . I think we do this by becoming more whole. In belly dance we reclaim all the physical parts of our selves and learn to express our selves though them. I find this magically transformative. I see this dance as offering us more than a folk art or a stage performance. It’s much more meaningful than a borrowed ethnic cultural experience to it’s participants.

It occasionally comes back to me that other dancers I professionally respect and admire make fun and talk down about my Hawaii Retreats to their students and colleagues. The point they choose to poke fun of is our dancing into the sea at sun rise . It’s an event I hosted as an annual ritual belly dance event on Maui for 10 years. LOL . . . even though it kind of hurts a bit to hear dancers dissing on me. If they have been to my retreats, well so be it. But the comments that are made are by dancers who know nothing about my retreats. Simply because they have not been. It’s sad that they choose something so beautiful to stick a wedge to prop them selves up to feel a bit superior.  The only reason has to be jealousy and insecurity.  I hope the novice students they are bending the ear of can see this clearly for what it is.

(Do me a favor and if you do hear a comment from someone like that send them to this blog post.)

If we do any belly dancing in to the sea these days it is rare simply because the Big Island where I do my retreats (these days) doesn’t have a dependable, safe beach for this particular dance where our retreat facility is situated. There is a nice beach across the street but the surf is harder and the black sand more gritty. Dancers have to be very strong and water savvy. We have to drive for hours to do it on white fine sand. If I teach a belly dancing in nature class it’s not for the entire retreat either. It gives such a nice contrast to the studio classes. Hawaii is perfect for this. The class helps people become more aware in their dance as well as their daily life. I have worked hard to plan retreats that delve into many styles and subjects of belly dance. I have hosted so many quality teachers that have made successful achievements in their careers. I have gone past the call of the average event host to sponsor live music again and again. It is also very important to me to walk the talk. “Belly Dance IS for everyone”. Not just the cool people as one person said to me. No just the young, trim, unusually talented and beautiful people but all of us! Our retreats are about furthering our understanding of what true beauty is opposed to our capitalistic commercialized idea we are all fed. This is what gives our retreats the healing women’s self esteem reputation.

If it make you laugh to think we dance into the sea in the early morning at sun rise. My goodness then you aren’t living fully if it makes you nervous, because it’s really a beautiful experience.  It’s not with out a high purpose as well. It teaches you many lessons as an artist. Lessons that are not imbibed by e mail, books or choreography. Do you not see it by example of my dance?  The power, strength and depth of attention to the moment in hand? Well the best way I can show it to you is by experiential lessons, but you got to come to the well to drink. Not just think you already know what I’m doing or talking about, but actually come and learn something new.

Next January I’m feature Ruby at my Belly Dance retreat 2011.

2 Responses to “Belly Dance Into the Sea; Think it’s Corny?”

    1. Jennifer Lakshmi August 12th, 2010 at 7:07 pm

      One of the most profound things I have ever done in my life was to belly dance into the sea at sunset on Makena Beach in Maui with you, Delilah. It was April, 2004. I will never forget it. The sounds of the Uncle Mafufo’s beledi drum and Sulyman’s zurna are still with me to this day. I remember feeling part of the ocean as I danced at the edge of the waves. As I was dancing I was tumbled and soaked through by a large wave. It was fantastic. The process of creating a costume to wear for this ritual was also pivotal. I have written many pieces–poems and prose–about the experience. “Belly Dance: A Raks Sharki Magazine” published a small poem of mine about dancing into the Pacific. It can only be those who haven’t experienced it who would bother to berate dancing into the sea. I will always be thanking you for the opportunity, Delilah! ~Jennifer Lakshmi

    1. Gypsy Ingram-Stow November 5th, 2010 at 4:48 pm

      I just think it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard or read about. Anyone who puts things like this down had a choice to keep silent & possibly hide their lack of knowledge/live&let live savy. I am in a class and have heard no negative remarks, but my instructor has famous roots and my good fortune is her sweet persona.Like I told my belated hubby about being spit on and called a baby-killer, they were ignorant for misdirecting their statements. He loved babies and did not ask to be subjected to anything ,but answering a duty to his home, he was not the governing force behind war,just a victim of ignorance,If I had resorces,i would be in that ocean tryin to dance, and if anyone thinks that crazy-their loss. love your articles.