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February 23, 2010   ♦   Comments Off on Kitty Love / Valentine Cat Food

Kitty Love / Valentine Cat Food

This is a weird entry to find on a belly dancers blog but I know so many belly dancers have cats (dogs too, I know). My favorite Goddess statue is from Crete 1600 B. C..  She has a snake in each hand and a house cat on her head!


What did Erik and I do on Valentines Day?

We looked for a used meet grinder!  What? We decided to give a little extra special love to our beloved kitty cats. We aim to change their diet over to raw food. We are so pissst off at Purina!  Enough already! more later. . .


We had been thinking about this idea for a while and Valentine weekend seemed perfect. We began by looking up recipes and directions online. We’ll need a food scale, a meat grinder (that will do bone), meat sheers, freezer containers and a devoted cutting board. We see one must be careful, clean and dedicated. We realize this is going to be a commitment. One of love! Next, we went to a raw pet food store in Burien, WA to get more information. We bought some of their raw prepared Chicken and Turkey Cat food to bring home and see if our cats would eat it. Three out of the 4 cats loved it! They are not vomiting or having diarrhea problems either. We’ll have to work on Miss Tia it looks like. She wouldn’t try it. We found we can make batches for the month and freeze it. Hopefully that will cute down on the cost. We will buy it as a meal supplement until we get set up for production. It’s our Valentine to our cat family. OXOX.


We are looking for a USED MEAT GRINDER and a FOOD SCALE.

Anyone got one they want to get rid of 206 632-2353 Call us! D&Erik


WHY we are against Purina:

I have had cats all my life. For the past 15 years my cats would not eat anything but Purina Cat Chow. They wouldn’t eat eggs or turkey gizzards at Thanksgiving like the cats I grew up with. I thought this a bit weird. I suspected the kibble had something addictive in it. They were Cat Chow Junkies. I figured cats know something about our adulterated hormone infused food chain, thus they wouldn’t even touch eggs or turkey heart and liver. Strange.

I grew up in California with lots of cats. We knew what fleas were. In Washington it wasn’t until a few years ago our cats skin started getting horrible skin problems and the vet insisted it was fleas! So they all got put on Frontline. Even in the winter? I never see these fleas (maybe Washington fleas are a smaller variety). My cats sleep with me. I’m not getting bit. We did Frontline and the minute the date passed their hair would all fall out on their back side.  Well so, we got suspicious of Frontline too. I have a ton a stories about vets miss diagnosis of pets. Frontline is not cheap either! I had 4 indoor cats. I can see taking action in the summer months but the winter too? The other problem is that my cats all barf now. All the time! They didn’t used to. They started a few years ago. They even projectile vomit after eating Purina cat food. They were starving , poor dears! Finally they wouldn’t eat it at all. I tried others and changed to canned food. But I rather clean up vomited kibble than canned food! One day I talked to my friend named  Kitty who happens to raise Prussian cats. She said she feeds then raw food and they are happy, healthy and winning all the prize ribbons. They sure are soft I agreed! Then I started researching. AH HA! Purina moved all it’s cat food operations to China by 2007. Now it made since. This isn’t the same product it was years ago. There are no ethics in China as far as I can see. China is taking over America and making everything under the sun. They use old computer junk and make it  to resemble products we are familiar with. But no, no no! They are not the same products! Every belly dancers must have noticed that safety pins for instance lately. They melt in your hands. They are worthless, Dry wall from China came into this country to meet the demand of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation and tons of buildings have to be rebuilt! Roofing nails are trash. Cold medicine had antifreeze in it. In 2007 Pet food Scandal cat food had melamine in it and was recalled. Melamine can boost the protein count in laboratory read outs! Purina Cat Chow was not on the recall lists that I could find but I don’t have faith in that. I imagine money changed hands to save reputations. The reality is something has changed about this product in my personal observation. China then fed the recalled pet food to fisheries for human consumption. Great.

Hello? China was making this stuff at the companies direction don’t you think? But China is not capable of controlling it’s water quality of food supply consistency. Wheat, corn, potatoes and soy do not belong in our cats food.  So I’m done with China! We are going to stock our freezer full of home made cat food.

PS. Frontline is made in France, but many of it’s suppliers are in China so I don’t trust it either.


Our Belly Dance Cat Family History:

I’ve had cats all my life . Samia Gamal lived to be  24 years old. She died just before her belly dance name sake died.  We lost Metropolis (the 16 year old) a few months ago from a mysterious eye injury. She was my daughter Laura Rose’s kitty. We all loved her so much.

Currently our 3 cats are all between 13 and 15 years old. We have a cat that we have adopted last Sumer. She chooses to live outside. Burrr! She won’t let us touch her, but we feed her. We posted a lost kitty announcement in the neighborhood but we think she was most likely abandoned  by maybe a collage student who moved away. She looks very healthy but freaked out for some reason. We named her Outdoor Kitty. We suspect she is actually related to our cats since our cats father does live in the neighborhood at one time. She won’t let us touch her, but she looks at us kindly when we come with the chow wagon and will sit with me on the back deck. Erik’s cat’s are Sophia Isadora Duncurl and Tiamat. Sofie is an X show girl. She is a calico American Curl and is the sweet heart of the family. She acts more like a dog actually. Amazing creature. Tia is a female orange (very rare). She is sweet but not the kind of cat you can pick up.

Neighborhood Temple Priestess

Priestess Tiamut’s Magic Sponge:

When we started selling the dry sponges as a fund raiser for the studio, we needed a photo of a cat for the label. Allison came over and chased all my cats around the house and the back yard trying to get a good pose. We figured that the X show girl Sofie would be the best bet, however she kept her sun glasses on and demanded we talk to her agent. Low and behold the cat that was the most skittish, loved the camera lens and became our poster girl  “PRIESTESS TIAMATS MAGIC PET HAIR REMOVER” Ok, so thats our Feline family.


The Dry Sponge is an amazing item, every cat owner should have a few. I can’t live with out them! Purchasing them from us help our studio stay in business at the same time it makes your life with cats or dogs so much easier!