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March Dance Events:

Part 2.

Noc Noc? Whose There? Princess Farhana!

On Thursday we picked Princess Farhana up from the air port. She is a world famous belly dancers as well as a neo burlequer who got her start with the Velvet Hammer in Los Angeles. That night she did a guest spot at the Nov Noc Club with Evilyn Sin Claire and the Sinner Saint Burlesque Revue, that has been enjoying a long run every Thursday night for the past 3 years. A ton of belly dancers came out to see the show( Princess would be featured in s strictly Belly Dance show on the next night so this was their chance to see her other side) It was standing room only. The theme of this 6 week run is “”Animalia””. Erik Brown was an an extra in Princess Farhana’s Dorothy of the wizard of Oz act. He played a flying monkey. Evilyn did her Miss Piggy and the Goat Girl May Pole dance. Very pretty, very sexy. It was a great show and a late night


The Friday night belly dance party at VDP Studio was packed; Line up; Princess Farhana, Delilah and the 6 piece Mid east band House of Tarab (and I truly think

it was one of our very best studio shows ever!)  We were all on! We were bathed in such a warm supportive audience from one side and the loving eyes and music playing hands of House of Tarab on the other ! Bliss! I felt like if I danced and died I would have been totally satisfied. The smiles from all our all our friends are etched in our minds. When a performer has that kind of rich supportive intimate environment every move becomes so effortless and so deliberate in expression. Thanks. We were all swimming in love.


The Saturday belly dance workshops were well attended and I learned a couple new movement perspectives from princess!

Dancers came from far away too! Awesome to have such support!



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Evilyn and Bell

Evilyn and Bell

March Dance Events:

Part 1:

The Porcelain Promenade

This has been the most amazing string of dance events so I have entered them in parts.

I suppose it really began the weekend before when we went to Hales Moister Festival’s Burlesque show at the ACT Theater. My daughter who is known as Evilyn Sin Clare in the burlesque world (and Laura Rose in the belly dance world) did a fabulous duet with Belle Cozette in that show. It was called the “Porcelain Promenade”. The whole evening show was one of the best burly-circus shows I have ever seen! However the duet was definitely a spectacle in it’s own rite. It involved weeks of 20 volunteers spending 100’s of hours gluing 40,000 rhinestones on 2 toilets. They were then set on wheeled platforms and the two girls did a hysterically beautiful ballet with them. In the beginning hearing about their act raised a few eyebrows but the girls determination and vision succeeded to surprise everyone and win in the end result(you have to see it). They were in a sense burlesquing burlesque they claimed. They went on to perform it at the Triple Door as part of the Sin on Heels Revue on the next Wednesday night. It got favorable write ups all over town, including a feature bit in Jessica Prices Theater column in the stranger! She said they were the zenith of the show!

Article Here

Both girls have worked so hard on this act . Costumes, props and tons of sparkle!


They need your help!


Evilyn Sin Clare and Belle Cozette are entering the “Porcelain Promenade ” along with some solo works in this Junes Miss Exotic World Pageant. They have to send in video tapes and then be selected . I’m confident they will make the grade.

Miss Exotic World

They spend 100’s of dollars on each rhine stone toilet  and are really out of bucks.

They need a truck to get these props and them selves to Las Vegas in June.

I will post soon where and how you can donate!

Proud Stage Mom

See Photo here

Evilyn Sin Claire & Bell Cosette

Evilyn Sin Claire & Bell Cosette