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November 15, 2010   ♦   Comments Off on VDP Scholarship/Belly Dance Stimulus Program

Scholarship with VDP STUDIO

. . . AKA Visionary Dance Productions

4128 Fremont Ave North, Wa 98103

Main Office 206 632-2353, Studio and Shipping office 206 632-1906

Belly Dance Stimulus Program

(Offering since Nov 2009)

Here’s the deal

The economy has taken it’s toll on many of us. We believe fervently that Belly Dance empowers our lives! It builds confidence, self esteem and self reliance. It keeps us together as women body, mind, and soul. It’s deep yoga and moves our chi. It recharges our batteries and an opportunity for wordless self expression that is important for our interior world. We know belly dance heals and builds stronger women.

Got a Job ?

If you have a job, FANTASTIC! Come take classes at VDP and pay us for them. We thank you! We are having our own challenges as a small business and our dancers derive their livelihoods through teaching. Most important we all need to stay fit, empowered and in balance during these challenging times. What better than doing something that celebrates being a life in a woman’s body! We have lots of wonderful and exciting instructors, classes, music and dance events for you to enjoy!

NO Job or minimally employed?

If you DO NOT have a job or a source of support right now, we feel you need belly dance more than ever! And I bet you have the time now more than ever before!

Come to class!

We’ll figure it out with you.

Maybe you can trade something. We actually need many services so please do not feel you are imposing on us. It can be a win win situation for everyone!

Office tasks, distributing flyers, cleaning, sorting the studio stuff, raking leaves, painting, making signs, designing flyers, cooking, answering phones, internet management, costume repair, massage, beauty services, writing, video review . . . Maybe you just remember us when times are better later on up the road.

For now let’s belly dance.

Life is too short to postpone that which we need and love.

How it works?

We are reserving spaces in these classes for you.

Please if someone you know is depressed and suffering because of this economy and you can see they need belly dance class then please pass this message on! They need to fill out a form and apply. We have 2-4 positions reserved in each class. We want to fill them by women who really want to belly dance! We are offering classes on every day of the week!

All they do is fill out a simple application.

Privacy observed.


Other opportunities:


We want to encourage documentation. We have a standing offer.  If our dancers in our community write an article with photos about their experience at VDP studio, or sponsored event, class series, performance experience, personal growth experience with belly dance, retreat, Egypt tour, video review, interview of instructors or musicians. . . and it gets printed in any of the magazines we will gift them a workshop or class series, or if they are far away some sort of valuable perk.

Retreat Scholarships:

We have over the years been able to offer scholarships because persons who know how valuable belly dance is in women’s lives have stepped forward to put up the funding. So Awesome! It warms all out hearts to have such positive demonstrations in out society. True Patrons of the Arts!

2010 year we had 2 full Hawaii Retreat scholarships.


Our internship programs are where dancers come to Seattle and live and under goes intensive study are not free or an exchange for labor. We offer our expertise and take you under our wing. This is avery valuable opportunity to women of any age. Each situation is a personally designed contract. The cost depends on budget and other factors like time of year, live in, goals, hours, . . . . We try to be reasonable and worthy.

Reasons: Some want to grow as professional dancers or instructors, some just want to increase their life’s adventure and the process is therapeutic and retreat oriented. Lots of options.

see more in the next blog entry

March 26, 2010   ♦   Comments Off on March Dance Events; Part 1, The Porcelain Promenade

Evilyn and Bell

Evilyn and Bell

March Dance Events:

Part 1:

The Porcelain Promenade

This has been the most amazing string of dance events so I have entered them in parts.

I suppose it really began the weekend before when we went to Hales Moister Festival’s Burlesque show at the ACT Theater. My daughter who is known as Evilyn Sin Clare in the burlesque world (and Laura Rose in the belly dance world) did a fabulous duet with Belle Cozette in that show. It was called the “Porcelain Promenade”. The whole evening show was one of the best burly-circus shows I have ever seen! However the duet was definitely a spectacle in it’s own rite. It involved weeks of 20 volunteers spending 100’s of hours gluing 40,000 rhinestones on 2 toilets. They were then set on wheeled platforms and the two girls did a hysterically beautiful ballet with them. In the beginning hearing about their act raised a few eyebrows but the girls determination and vision succeeded to surprise everyone and win in the end result(you have to see it). They were in a sense burlesquing burlesque they claimed. They went on to perform it at the Triple Door as part of the Sin on Heels Revue on the next Wednesday night. It got favorable write ups all over town, including a feature bit in Jessica Prices Theater column in the stranger! She said they were the zenith of the show!

Article Here

Both girls have worked so hard on this act . Costumes, props and tons of sparkle!


They need your help!


Evilyn Sin Clare and Belle Cozette are entering the “Porcelain Promenade ” along with some solo works in this Junes Miss Exotic World Pageant. They have to send in video tapes and then be selected . I’m confident they will make the grade.

Miss Exotic World

They spend 100’s of dollars on each rhine stone toilet  and are really out of bucks.

They need a truck to get these props and them selves to Las Vegas in June.

I will post soon where and how you can donate!

Proud Stage Mom

See Photo here

Evilyn Sin Claire & Bell Cosette

Evilyn Sin Claire & Bell Cosette