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Delilah has consistently maintained herself as an inspirational performance artist, instructor, promoter, video producer, writer and pioneer in belly dance evolution. She has hosted all inclusive study retreats, classes and workshops around the world for over 17 years where she open-heartedly shares her gifts, introduces new artists and challenges dancers to be all they can be.


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Delilah is one of a kind; a celebrity and Grand Dame among belly dancers. Some call her a belly dance sage. She is not only a superb, passionate performer and instructor, but also an author, innovator, producer, sponsor and promoter to so many other fellow dancers and musicians.
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Belly dance is for women of all ages, sizes, walks of life and perspectives. They join Delilah on retreat for many reasons; fun, fantasy, fitness, freedom, cultural enrichment, healing, personal growth and to be better instructors. Our retreats aim to facilitate the absolute beginner, the hobbyist and the professional performer who just wants to bone up, have fun and do some belly dancing in Hawaii with Delilah. Click on the link above and see what’s happening this year in Hawaii!


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This is our unique collection of belly dance articles, stories, and scrapbooks developed by Delilah and friends over the years, for your interest and enjoyment.  All existing articles are permanently archived so you can revisit them often, and new ones are added regularly!


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Delilah’s blog is dedicated to sharing her personal insights into belly dance as an art form, what it’s like to perform, teach and grow as a dancer. She will guide you through history and project you to the future of woman’s power. Read, comment, collaborate. Join in Delilah’s vision!


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Visionary Dance productions offers exclusive Web Clubs with certain projects and video purchases. They are like online teacher’s notes with extra lesson, inspiration and ongoing notes relating to the subject matter of the video or project. In this way we can stay current and continue to add value to our program. We can answer questions, add tips for dancers, post contributions from other dancers and teachers. You will be able to print transcripts of parts of the program. What is new and exciting about this idea is that it will cultivate a deeper student-teacher relationship than instructional video programs have in the past.