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November 15, 2010   ♦   Comments Off on Internship/Intensive Study.

I have been getting alot of phone calls lately about our Internship so I thought I should blog about it a little more.

A traditional internship is where a student gain experience in an intensive sort of way working along side of professionals. When a dancer signs up to come take part in our offering she will be experiencing this in many ways. However it is not a paid or works exchange situation. We are not seeking interns for any particular project. We are offering our expertise. We cannot guarantee that you will get to perform on a stage somewhere in our concerts. We do our best to create positive situations. Most likely you would if that is your goal but there are standards and situations that apply of course.

What we offer is an opportunity to retreat and study with top professional dancers, masters and musicians.

Thus we should really call it INTENSIVE STUDY however it also has INTERN aspects.


Our programs are where dancers either residents of Seattle or come to Seattle for a while to under go intensive study with us; private or group dance classes, drum, costuming, music appreciation. These are not free or done as work exchanges but are some times sponsored by family, friends, patrons and institutions that recognize the intrinsic value belly dance gives to women or all ages. They could be high school students, college students, writers, professors on sabbatical, dance instructors, or women using this art for therapy as they need to re discover themselves, recover from abuse or other.

This dance teaches them to be involved with their own bodies as expressive instruments. It increases physical awareness for healing, calming and future maternity. It teaches independence because belly dance does not rely on a partner. There is so many skills to challenge and accomplish, With this brings satisfaction, pride and self confidence. It connects women with other women creating lasting friendships and building community. It’s creative and culturally enriching. All this equals a healthy self esteem. We offer our expertise and take you under our wing. We take this very to heart. This is a very valuable opportunity for girls and women of any age.


Averill Obee did some great writing on her experience.

Averill’s Blog

Averills Article in Gilded Serpent

Nichol started dancing with our studio at age 15. her parents were very supportive. She came to 2-3 classes a week and now dances in San Fransisco while attending Mills College. She spent 1 year in Egypt studying business and language.

Lulu lives in Seattle and did a local project for Seattle Academy. She had belly danced with us since her 7th Birthday.

Ramza Ali is a belly dance teacher, mother and performer. She came for 3 week from Londrina Brazil and that was an amazing experience.

Usually when dancers are coming from far away for just a week they hook up with one of our retreats or Tours.

We have had dancers from Korea, Japan, Columbia, Mexico, Sweden, Equator, Italy, Chili, Argentina, South Africa, England,. . . Seattle options are usually thought of as longer projects. However we are open to just about anything.

Each situation is a personally designed contract. The cost depends on budget and other factors like length of study, time of year, live in or out, goals, hours, events that apply . . . . We try to be reasonable and make our exchange very worthy. We have a house across the street with many bedrooms and it makes for a very nice arrangement. There is not always a room available, it takes arranging and it depends on how long you will stay.

If you are interested or want to send someone to us, here are the pages you will want to look at;

Retreats/ Seattle Intensive Study and Internship/ Egypt Tours

Intern Introduction

Accommodation in Seattle

Instructors at VDP STUDIO

• List of Events through out the year to help you plan.

• There of course are more up dates on our VDP Calendar Schedule page

Sample Custom Intern Itinerary

Course Study Offering:

Classic Arab American Techniques

Power Belly and Teachers Training

NTP Ritual and Dance. (Neighborhood Temple Priestess)

Modern Egyptian


Fusion and Folkloric

Veil Dance

Performers Edge


Learn to play Arabic hand drum.

Drummer and a dancer Solo work.

Parade Dance

Dancing in Nature

Beginning Ney