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A Belly Dance Show about Issues

“Les Femme Savantes”

Date: July 10th 2011
Time: 4:00pm -6:0 pm
Doors open at 3:45
COST: $10

4128 Fremont Ave N
Sea Wa 98103

Belly dance is an artistic medium that originates at the center of our being; the belly, the womb, the crucible of all civilizations. Wombman= body =vessel= earth. Thus, as a physical medium of expression it is capable of containing physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual content beyond the traditional or stereotypical limits. AND, as well it should contain more. It’s a LIFE dance!
On this experimental evening our goal is to show belly dances with meaning or belly dance about our issues!

We put out a calling to belly dancers for creative works about any issue that they feel called upon to work with!
A cause, a question, an unresolved experience of deep meaning, a message, a statement?

Be it:
environmental, social, political, local, global, universal, in memory of,
scientific, religious, or fictitious, theoretical, conspiracy, or prophecy,
Get the drift?
Don’t get it?
Well then mark your calendar and come watch.
After the performance, we open for audience feed back.

These women are stepping up to the plate to be brave and vulnerable.
They will express themselves.
These pieces will be raw. The idea is if we have enough strong pieces we might take it to a larger venue eventually. First we need to exercise the works. Audience feed back is important.

Audience and dancer financial support is important too.
VDP STUDIO has high monthly over head. We sponsor dancer in need by way of our Visionary Belly Dance Stimulus Program we have been doing for 2 years now. We donate to charities by way of performances and making studio time available to groups. We hope our good will comes back in turn so that we can continue our work and keep hold of our lovely studio. We will leave this performance at a flexible scale. All are welcome, pay what you can. All dancers are doing the show for the personal growth and to help the studio.