In Memory of Helen Nicholiasen Comments Off on In Memory of Helen Nicholiasen
Meet at VDP Studio Thursday Evening October 2oth
at 7:00 Pm
4128 Fremont Ave N
Sea. Wa 98103

• Opening Ceremony
Say her name !

• Dances for our dear sister Helen aka Eleni
Dancers are invited to wear costumes and do a little dance for Helen.
There will be a mix of dancers family and friends.
• Ritual of Rememberince
Bring a little something that reminds you of your relationship with Helen.
It will be given away because at the end of the evening each will take something from this collection home with them as they depart.
• Veil Dance For Helen by the NTP
• Hathor Dance by Delilah
• Candle Light Procession to the West by All.

• Pot Luck at Delilah’s
Across the street at
4115 Fremont Ave. North
Bring a Pot Luck Item.
If you need to drop off food at Delilah’s before the event begins, great. 6:30-6:45
Despite her slimness, Helen loved food! So lets make it a hardy pot luck !
We look forward to see all her friends.