Full Moon Retreat Comments Off on Full Moon Retreat

full moonWe are doing something kind of crazy.
AUGUST 13, 4PM until 12:30PM August 14
• We plan on using the studio as our head quarters for music, dance sharing, pillow talk and what not!
Bring a dance to perform and share
Maybe think of a 10 minute lesson about your favorite move you would like to share, your favorite song or costume trick!
Bring a costume dilemma and get help from your dance sisters!
Bring make up and get help or play and experiment with false eyelashes. .
We will set up and decorate an NTP alter to the Summer. (So bring something symbolic and meaningful. Bring candles)
• The BFD field for full moon dance, (Bring something to wear for the occasion?)
• We will use Delilah’s hot tub and kitchen for meals, snacks and soaks. Located across the street.
Bring dinner pot luck items; salads, or casseroles, Delilah will have chips, dip and a make desert.
Bring your favorite beverages. Soda, Wine, beer, juice . . .
Bring Fruit, pastry, bread to share for breakfast if you like; Delilah will make Eggs and sausage.
Hot Tub is suits or clothing optional, unless anyone objects. Bring a towel or robe.
• Fremont Peak Park for a Sun Set Veil dance.
• Golden Gardens for Early Morning Dancing in Nature class
• NIA class with Jennifer Earle 10:30-11:30 at VDP ($13 or $10 to Golden Patrons)

We are doing this for fun and of course the studio always needs support. Especially in the summer. Donate what ever you can and feel is good.
No one stays home because of cost. The Nia class is the only thing that has a definite cost.
However we want to know who is coming FOR SURE, . . . . LIMITED

So please send in a Class registration form from our web site and Just put
Send to; 4128 Fremont Ave N Sea Wa 98103
Reg form

Proposed Schedule:
• 4:00 Power Belly with Delilah
• 5:00 Set up space. Bring sleeping bags, foam pads, cushions and pillows. . .
• 6:00 Dinner
• 7:30 Veil Dance at Sun Set
• 8:30 Studio Fun and sharing. Dress up, Dance,Perform, play music, story telling and sharing;
• 11:00 Snacks and hot tub and more talk
• 2:00 Moon dance at BFD We change time of this but the idea is the neighborhood is very quiet after the clubs close.
• Pillow talk and maybe sleep.
• 8:00 Coffee and Golden Gardens field trip to Dance with Nature with Delilah
• 9:00 Breakfast and Hot Tub
10:30- 11:30 Introduction to NIA, Class with Jennifer Earle ($13 or $10 to Golden Patrons)
11:30- 12:00 Circle Balady Dance with Delilah and Jennifer’s students. Should be fun!.
12:00 Close and clean up!