Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you the power and inspiration that has influenced dancers around the world for years. Delilah has been a pioneer in American belly dance evolution and a sage among dancers. Now we expand our studio doors in Seattle to include dancers everywhere on the planet on a weekly basis. We invite you to become a member of our eStudio because now we can bring that Power Belly experience directly to you via Internet download.

The hope is Power Belly will get people off the couch and email to actually dance! By being current each week, we hope to create a electronic classroom that feels very alive and inspiring.

The VDP talent and staff have embarked on a large undertaking of bringing you a fresh new Power Belly Workout experience each week! It’s for active belly dancers, rather than a How-to-belly-dance DVD, it’s a “Come belly dance with Delilah and friends.” We are starting out with two basic sections. The Power Belly Workout followed by an weekly extra “Dancer’s Notebook” in the student notebook section. We will offer some of the episodes for sale as collectible DVDs.

eStudio Participation
Dancers can log on from across the street or from across the ocean. As an eStudio member, you might have the disadvantage of not being able to see and follow each detail but you have the advantage of stopping, rewinding, and rewatching the show. If you want to do more warms ups you can always pause the show. Our show is only 50 minutes and we are making choices for a broad range of dance levels. To keep it appealing we have to keep it moving and challenging. The Power Belly format for the past 6 years has incorporated all levels of dancers in one class. However, if you are brand new to belly dance read this.

As we progress and gain support, we hope to add more magazine elements to the show, but for now the program will vary in length. It will be about 52-minute Power Belly sweaty work out and 12-20 minutes tutorial. In the future we hope to involve the larger belly dance community more and more.


  • Call or write us with questions and comments.
  • Come to Seattle for a Power Belly Class.
  • Get on our teachers referral list.
  • Apply to be a guest teacher.
  • Send us your footage.