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January 21, 2014   ♦   Comments Off on The Power Belly Show Deluxe Weight Belt & Instructional DVD Package

Deluxe package $200
A Power Belly Weight Belt of your choice of size M, L,
All 4 sets: 8 Workouts plus surprise gifts, PLUS receive one of Delilah’s classic instructional video’s of your choice, for free!
add $7 for XL.

• Absolute Beginning Belly Dance with Delilah
• Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop Vol. I
• Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop Vol. II
• Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop Vol. III
• Fire at the Iao with A Retro Choreography
• 9/8 Gypsy Veil
• Delilah and Sirocco Live and Wild



October 2, 2009   ♦   Comments Off on Standard Power Belly Weight Belt

Simply fit it snuggly on your hips and proceed to practice your belly dancing. Because the weights are evenly distributed and close to your body you quickly assimilate the weight as your own. You barely notice any difference at all. That is, until you see and feel the results of a stronger back, torso, knees and thighs. Your core balance will improve. Your quickness and agility for shimmies and fast hip combination excels by lifts and drops! It’s truly Amazing! Keep in mind the belts can be used with other dance and physical activities: Zumba, Nia, hiking, climbing, . . .
Choose from Black, Blue, Purple or Spanish Red

Learn more about use, sizing and benefits >>


  • Medium 10 pounds (fits 30″ – 39″)
  • Large 12 pounds (fits 38″ – 47″)
  • X-large 14 pounds (fits 46″- 55″)
  • XX-large 15 pounds (fits 50″ – 59″)

Shipping: Standard Power Belly Weight Belts generally take 5-10 days to arrive depending on what we have in stock.  All belts are shipping Priority Mail.

~Important Note~
If you are ordering from outside the USA please be aware that shipping costs are:

$40 USD to Canada
$55 USD to the rest of the world

We will issue a payment request for the difference and process  your order once payment is received.
Thank you,

Visionary Dance Staff

Quote from Anaheed.com

“Her innovation the POWER BELLY WEIGHT BELT is another example of her world class teaching technique that helps students build strength and precision as they learn movements. I have seen women challenged by weight and stamina utilize the belts (with attention to safety) and loose weight and gain muscle mass while enjoying the dance process. The weight at the hips helps you “listen” to your body’s response to gravity and increase your ability to execute new steps. Recommendations for beginners: 1) start with less weight and build up to full capacity 2) review all video instructions, full information will help you progress. 3) If you experience back discomfort, ease off, and return after a day or two of rest. Further feedback from students: “It’s fun to feel “lighter” when you remove a weight belt after a successful session!”

This inexpensive starter veil is 3 yards by 58 inches in colors that complement your dance costumes. They are extremely wide and float in the air in brilliant colors. Delilah uses them all the time for class, stage, parades, veil therapy techniques and for practice.

Note: they do not ravel so they do not need a hem that weights the veil down.