Dear Dancer,

We are actively seeking costumes for our GREAT SHAKES: “COSTUMES WITH GOOD VIBRATIONS” Showroom.

Showcase and re-sell costumes for dancers and make the page contents entertaining to peruse. Thus, we are looking for stories and bios to go with the photos of costumes for sale. This way you can make the costume come to life and it will sell better.

We seek costumes that have good vibrations. By that we mean they either belonged to famous (or infamous) dancers, or the costume was worn in notable occasions, movie, DVD, concerts or maybe it’s just the dancers personal story of attachment to a well known and trusted piece of her (or his) dance career that gives historic meaning to the garment. Use your imagination. In other words, they can just be unusual costumes in their own right. Often the costume will come with an autographed photo, or a DVD of the dancer performing in the costume. Sometimes the linings are autographed.

Collectors, professionals, other dancers or lovers of belly dance history. The well-worn sweaty attributes are not detriments to the value of that costume as long as they are mentioned up front. What I would pay for a Louie Fuller veil! or a Tahia Karioca hip belt? I do have a Ruth St. Denis bell given to me by Paulette Denis that I treasure. Those are the vibrations I’m talking about.

We will let the audience be the judge of fame because it’s all fantasy anyways! Sometimes dancers in small towns are very famous within their local area. If you have had a performance career, you are in. However, we are not looking for ordinary student grade stuff that has no distinction. Just give me a call and we’ll talk about whether I think I can sell your costume for you. We have started to leave some stuff that’s been SOLD up on the page so you can get an idea. Some are inexpensive and some are very expensive . It all depends on the attached and desire to let them go.

One of the reasons behind The Great Shakes Showroom was because I found it so hard to part with my well loved costumes. Especially for next to nothing. I found it a little easier if I knew they were going to a home where someone else would value them as much as I. I am glad to help other dancers find homes for theirs as well.

Note: because of our Seattle Studio space, we often sell costumes before it makes it on our website!

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