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In April we had overwhelming positive response to our annual “In the Garden of Allah” show. By popular demand we have students asking to run another series of performance classes leading a studio performance in the summer. The course is about blooming your dance creativity and self expression. Each dancer has to pick a scent or a flavor and combine it into her dance.

Each dancer chooses her muse in combination within the context of the groups theme and selections. each dance must devise a costume, pick music, writes her intro, cook or prepare the delivery of the sensual muse to be shared with the audience just before her dance.

Performance Night

“In the Garden of Delilah”

This is a Sensual Belly Dance Performance.

Featuring: Delilah and Visionary Dancers.
Theme Show:
Dances must involve Taste or smell.
You dance and bring samples of taste or smell to go with your theme for 45 people.
Doors open 4PM Show 5:30-6 MP or so,
Our Special Guest Dancer is  MIRABAI
Don’t miss her workshop on
Sat August 21 ; “ Fabulous Fan Veils ” by Mirabai


This show will include food, beverages and aroma’s that each member of the audience is invited to enjoy. A very experiential evening not to be missed!

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