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House of Tarab Arabic Music Ensemble based in Seattle performs classic Arabic music 40’s-70’s from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria as well as traditional folk songs from thoughout the middle east. Armed only with traditional Arabic instruments ney, oud, violin, double bass, riqq and tabla. H.O.T performs for a variety of local events like Folklife, Arab Festival and of course Town Hall. H.O.T also travels nationally with world renown performance dance artist, Delilah.
TARAB (pronounced Tah-Rob): The meaning of this word is close to “ecstasy.” The place one gets to when you are lost in the sisha, music and dance! Pronounced incorrectly it means dirt, earth soil. But then again, both ways hold meaning don’t they.
“As I watched my husband, who is Lebanese, listen to this music I realized how these songs bring joy to the Middle Eastern heart and can even bring a tear to the eye. It is a wonderful thing that these talented and accomplished musicians residing in the West, have revitalized this Traditional Music of The Middle East.” – Katherine Saab on Tribe review, author of “Release the Genie: How to be the Belly Dancer of your Dreams”. Resides in Cypress.
“House of Tarab’s first recording employs original arrangements of classic pieces making them fresh and fun. The addition on several pieces of the chorus really adds a great dynamic. No tricks here. Talented musicians playing acoustic instruments with taste and soul. Great for dancing and listening.” – Mark Bell of Helm, Musician and Grammy Winner, CA
“Finally a middle eastern recording by artist with something to say!”
Belly dance music hand picked by Delilah! We carry a small selection of high quality music that features great music to learn and dance. These are the albums Delilah loves and has used in performance and classes for years.

Steven Flynn: Rapture Rumi

The ecstatic, passionate poetry of the 13th century mystic Jelaluddin Rumi is the inspiration for the music on this new album by Steven Flynn. Dark, turbulent, jubilant, these churning melody lines haunt us and rip at our hearts. Joined by master percussionist Armando Mafufo, Steven utilizes ney (reed flute), tar (frame drum), digeridoo, violin, and more in creating this music. Hot rhythms and yearning melodies combine to make songs that speak of the desires of both body and soul. Great music for listening or dancing.

Nancy Ajram: Ah w Noss

We love this CD!!! Nancy’s voice is moving in all of the songs, and the music makes you want to move – especially for bellydance, so I would also recommend this CD for those who want to dance to her songs!

Armando el Mafufo: Zills and Drums

This CD is an instructional learning tool for playing finger cymbals. Intermediate skill level.

Brothers of the Baladi: Heart of the Beast

Middle Eastern/World Music fused with western elements like funk, rock and more; invigorating and electrifying.

Brothers of the Baladi: Eye on the World

Don’t let the cover fool you. It’s ugly – but inside is a wonderful collection of traditional Mid-Eastern songs brought to us with distinction.

Brothers of the Baladi: Further Journeys

Enjoy a collection of traditional songs with traditional instruments: Ma Zamir Egyptian, Olmaz, Bir Demet, 10/8 drum solo, SiselerTurkish.

Sirocco Volume Two

I use “Cabaret Dance” all the time when performing for house parties. It has a dressed-down, soulful appeal. Volume includes oud, drums, nye, violin, bouzoukee, kanoon, mizmar, clarinet, and vocals.

Sirocco Volume Three

In this collection Sirocco allows you to savor the Spanish influence of their talents as well as the Middle Eastern.

Hossam Ramzy: Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz

Abdul Halim Hafiz lost both parents when he was very young. In the orphanage he received a very good musical education. In his late teens, Abdul Halim was enrolled into the Arabic Music Institute by his eldest brother from where he graduated as a classical oboe player.

House of Tarab: Beledi

Performing classic and traditional belly dance music with heavy cabaret touch is our specialty. Dabke and folk music from around the middle east is also a large part of the repertoire. This is not sleepy acoustic music, H.O.T delivers high energy dance music!

Michael Beach: Hands of a Thousand Dances

Hands of a Thousand Dances is a gift to all the dancers. Michael Beach has been playing for years. Michael Kersy backs him up a bit on base and Steven Scaggs on oud, but most of the album is Michael Beach on drums, zorna, keyboards, percussion and vocals.

Hossam Ramzy: Best of Om Kolthoum

Om Kolthoum was born in Egypt to a family of singers. At 5 her voice was talked about all over Egypt. Later Om Kolthoum sang a live concert every last Thursday of the month and all of Egypt gathered around their radios to hear her and be enchanted by her songs.

Hossam Ramzy: Best of Farid Al Atrash

Farid became a Middle Eastern household name, famous for his virtuoso Oud (lute) playing, his magnificently lush musical films and his warm voice, singing the most rosy love songs.

Ani Williams: Shemah/ The Calling

This music was composed by Ani Williams but added to by a variety of musicians in different locations. The songs are very watery and soothing. I will always see mermaids when I hear this music; Ani was working on many of these melodies and introduced them to us at my 1998 Summer retreat in Maui.

Ani Williams: Homage to Hathor

Perfect for pharonic dance. The pure harmonic resonance of Ani’s harp and voice transports the listener directly to the sacred space within. Remember a time shared in the ancient temples and promising a return to a world resplendent with the eternal music of the heart.

Ani Williams: Song of Isis

Ani recorded this music at the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Mycerinus Pyramid, and Sakara. You will hear harp, voices, flute, double pipes and bells with a lovely echoing ambiance of these sanctuaries.

Nancy Ajram: Ya Tabtab wa Dallaa

The much anticipated new album from the top female pop star in the arab world. Booklet includes full song lyrics and exclusive new Nancy photos!

Nuba and Sirocco: Laylit Shibbet

Music of North Africa and most specifically Tunisia. I am absolutely in love with this collection. Nuba was formed in 1997 by Moez MÕRabet to perform the music and dances of his homeland Tunisia. In 1999, Sirocco joined him and this recording was born. Oud, violin, stand up bass, clarinet, saxophone, ney, guitar, zukra, lots of percussion and vocals. Richly recorded, a jewel in anyone’s music library.

Steven Flynn: Welcome to the Dance

These nine compositions by Steven Flynn, filled with rich textures, heart-felt melodies and compelling rhythms, include music heard on the videos, Delilah’s Bellydance Workshop, Volume III, and Delilah’s Costume Workshop, as well as new works.

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