Power Belly / Belly Dance Weight Belts.
An innovation exclusively from Visionary Belly Dance!
Our uniquely designed hip weight belts for belly dancing, as well as for other activities, help you gain strength and coordination faster than any other proven method! Through Delilah’s concentrated research and industry experience, she made arrangements to have belts specially made to meet bellydancers distinct needs.
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Anaheed on Power Belly Belts. “When I get requests from students who want the *best* instructional DVDs for learning Belly Dance I *always* recommend Delilah’s Visionary Dance series. From precise instructions with excellent movement breakdown (plus safety guidelines) to full performances, Delilah’s productions simply provide the most quality and value of any DVDs I have seen on the market! (and having been a performer and teacher since the 1970’s, I’ve seen plenty *g*)

Standard Power Belly Weight Belt

Simply fit it snuggly on your hips and proceed to practice your belly dancing. Because the weights are evenly distributed and close to your body you quickly assimilate the weight as your own. The weight belt can be used for other physical activities and workouts; Zumba, NIA, hiking, jogging, climbing. . .

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