Gypsy Veil Dance: A Primer to 9/8 Rhythm

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Belly Dance Instruction with Delilah

In this unique DVD program you will learn…

  • How to step and move your hips gracefully to a Turkish 9/8 time signature.
  • Increase balance, timing, agility and general belly dance experience.

Steps, spins, veil passes and combinations

  • You will become familiar with veils as well as costume designs and construction.
  • Delilah teaches how to dance with a wider range of veil movements and attitude.

In addition to the typical veil moves belly dancers have been using for years, you will learn faster handling with a more whimsical, fiery finesse. This develops character and a wider range of expression for the dance artist!

Music from “Tapestry of the Dance” by John Bilezikjian and Var Daghdevirian.

Running time:

  • 90 minutes

Program Chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Rhythm warm up for mind and body
  • Step instruction
  • 9/8 step work out
  • Veil pass techniques
  • Combination veil passes
  • 5 Performances

Fabulous Extras:

  • Archival performance footage of 2 of Delilah’s unique choreographies: “Lama Bada 10/8 Veil Dance” & “Delilah’s Veil Origami”
  • Costume Stories and tips on all the costumes featured on this DVD and more.
  • Four different 9/8 Rhythm sound tracks for practicing and teaching: slow, fast and 2 challenging variations.
  • Veil tips: what fabrics to use and why

Read Reviews!

“This is really a fun and unique instructional dance DVD. There is nothing to compare to it. Every true belly dancer must have this lesson!”

-V.B., Seattle WA

“Delilah’s costumes and dancing is gorgeous!”

-B. H., La Mesa CA

“Delilah is a Veil Tamer!”

-S. T., Farmington NM



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Price: $39.95
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