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Snakes Alive at the Rotary Club?


belly dancing with Rotary

As part of a novel fund raising effort in the fight against polio, the Seattle Rotary Club put on a sort of Survival Island contest. It goes like this: Prominent Rotarians volunteered to compete in a lighthearted yet competitive challenge each week: singing, dancing, wrestling alligators. The challenge from week to week was kept top secret. Each Wednesday at their regular lunch meeting, the body of Rotarians voted members “off the island” by scoring up their generous donations to fight polio. As said, this was a novel, and quite successful, fund raiser.

belly dancing with Rotarybelly dancing with Rotary

The grand finale was in week six. The two remaining contestants were taken to the land of Little Egypt where they were treated to a belly dance demonstration and a lesson by Seattle's one-and-only Delilah, complete with her serpent entourage. Ralph Munro (former long-time WA Secretary of State) enjoyed officiating over the competition while the two remaining survivalists competed with hip shimmies, and shoulder rolls. . . .of course, the female contestant won!

Now say good bye to polio!

belly dancing contestThe Seattle Rotary Club is working with other Clubs around the world, as well as with the Gates Foundation and World Health Organization to completely eradicate polio. The challenge with polio is that it must be completely erased from the face of the earth, once and for all. If it raises its ugly head even a little bit, the spread of this disease can start all over again. This is a major effort, but one close to being completed. The Seattle Rotary has a goal to raise $50,000 for polio this year (a goal they already surpassed). Overall, Rotary will have raised more than $500 million toward polio eradication worldwide.

To sum things up, the Rotary Club vows to vote polio off this island!

The Seattle Rotary Club Number 4 is the second largest in the world, with its 725 members. The Seattle branch was the 4th club in the nation, founded back in 1909 by nine Seattle visionary businessmen. Currently, there are 29,000 clubs in 195 countries and geographic regions worldwide, with an overall membership of 1.2 million dedicated men and women.

End note: Nobody danced with snakes, they were just eye candy provided by a member of the herpetologist society, Phil Rodenberg, who goes by the name of Sasquatch.


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