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Erik Brown, middle eastern drummer, House of Tarab
Erik Brown

Laura Rose, belly dancer
Laura Rose

Dahlia Moon, belly dancer
Dahlia Moon

Other Staff include: House of Tarab, Billion Bellies,
Visionary Dancers, Bella Jovan, Raqs Steady Eddie and Tayissa Blue

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Delilah's Power Belly eSTUDIO Blog.

*Note Delilah will have an "actual" blog but for now here it is!

October 19th - November 24

I just wanted to let you know about the diversity in events around here. Isn’t it grand! Here at Visionary Dance we have rarely a dull moment so it’s amazing really that we have done 25 episodes of the Power Belly Show since last May. We really have it down to a science and are very confident that once we are officially running with our new web site that a new day in the belly dance world is going to dawn! We want to bring back that spark that ignites all our passions for this dance. 

October and November have been so jam packed full of activity that I couldn’t find time to blog. Yikes! On the 9th of October we did a 3D shadow dance performance at a local festival called Arts a Glow. The next week we built a huge 800 candle Labyrinth in our local Green Lake Park at dusk and into the night. It was designed by Christine Hamby one of the studio’s “Neighborhood Temple Priestesses” amazing photos were taken link at the bottom of this blog entry. Then for Halloween we did another 3D shadow dance piece! On November 1st we had actual voodoo practitioners dancing with their Gods and Goddesses. The next week we had avant-garde electronic music with Butoh dancers. We have had 3 traditional cabaret belly dance shows with the band House of Tarab and guest dancers Mellilah, Ruby, Nadira, Aubre of the Belly Dance Super Stars. Oh and we sponsored Moria in a tribal workshop here too.

But the most rewarding experience for everyone this month was we have had in our studio for the past 21 days, a 16 year old intern from Maumee Valley High School in Ohio. She was on a interim study project here with all our teachers sponsored by her high school. She performed on the 21st day for an audience of about 60 people and did very well.  She had never belly danced a lick in her life and it was the education of the century. She even made her own costume and designed her own dance solo. She got an A plus! Averill makes a brief appearance on Power Belly episode #24 that is currently up on line. 

We have also been working on a funny little commercial video skit that we are excited about. It should be out very soon on you-tube and our web site. They are madly editing as I type.

There are 3 FREE episodes of the Power Belly Show up right now! 

YOU must have a Windows operating system! Sorry Macs (I’m a mac user too), it doesn’t work and you will have to get a DVD instead. Follow the link below for concise down load instructions

Go watch them, or rather, go work out with them! Don’t know how long they will be up.
Tell your friends too!

PLEASE email comments! So I can use them for promotion as well as know what you liked or didn't!

NOTE: This is a separate web site that will be linked into our own from our web site. This site has special copy right protection for our programs. 

For those of you who would like to reserve a copy of our limited edition release
 POWER BELLY  Double Volume DVD sets. 

Call us NOW 206 632-2353. Reserve your set and we will get them to you by the 2nd week in December. A great Christmas gift idea!

Advance orders are very helpful at this point because every cent has been going into this POWER BELLY SHOW dream of mine. COST is $29.95 plus $8 postage. Wa residents must ad 9.5% tax. 

Thank You for all the current support we’ve been receiving from dancers and visionaries that get our vision, determination and dedication to bring you an inspiring program. They have been sending letters and resources our way. It goes very far in energizing us when any thing gets tough around here. OXOX
You must check this out:
My Neighborhood Temple Priestesses (NTP) built a dance labyrinth at Green lake on Oct 9th. Designed by Christine Hamby.
850  candles



Sept 19


Ok what’s the hold up? Well it’s all in a internet’s day, week and years worth of work. Yikes! We have been a long time customer of value web but their service started failing so we were advised to move our web site at the beginning of 2009 to one of their cluster servers. Big mistake! This company is out to lunch. They have since been bought up by another company, but we are moving our site to Network Solutions at the same time we are launching our new site AND putting up the online Power Belly Show! Too many variables to predict. However the new site is being tested and looks good and we should be rolling soon. Thanks for the support everyone!

This week we shot a few pieces for the tutorial section. A piece with Seattle's Tayissa Blue on Tribal Fusion and Ruby of Portland on Turkish combo and Zill patterns! Ruby is a Palates instructor and master floor work artist. She also introduced a Palates piece for belly strengthening.

Today at VDP Studio we have Ruby and Cecilia (from Full Tilt Boogie Productions of Boise Idaho) teaching, performing with the band “House of Tarab” and showing her movie documentary
“ B E L L Y ” .


Hey we just got a ton or new Uterus and Ovaries camisoles and panties! Fun raising effort for show. 206-632-2353 call us for color selection and credit card order.

$20 short camisoles, $25 long lines and $0 for cotton spandex panties!


August 19 2009

Well it shouldn’t be too long before we are up with a first down loadable episode of the POWER BELLY SHOW ! It will all converge with a whole new web site being designed by Cognition Studio. You’ll love it! It’s way more clean and easy to navigate. Our web site was one of the first belly dance web sites and store fronts to be put on the Internet ( back in 95-96?). So it’s had many evolutions of media, input and products. It’s also had many different designers (and lack of designers) over the years (nostalgic history). It will feel so good to get it shaped up. Can’t wait!

We are excited to be breaching a brand new chapter in belly dance with Internet delivery technology. We have done 14 practice episodes now, and have made adjustments to sound lighting and defining our style little by little. Each one has something different to offer. Each show take us from dry and composed to completely wet and sweaty! Weight belts have been used in most classes but just to comfort the eStudio audience out there, Some times I don’t use a weight belt. It’s true, you do not have to use a weight belt to have fun and work out with us.


Moments of interest on episodes:
We offer a wide range of steps each week and bring up different subjects. We’ve addressed physical concerns, self image, costumes, events, internal connection, women’s empowerment, artistry, dynamics, stylistic details . . . We interviewed Amy Sigil and the Unmata Gals. Sallah sat in with his violin, we did a short dance routine as well as our Grounding and Centering movement meditation. We went out doors during the Seattle heat wave day. We have worked with individual hand weights and reviewed a balance test for self assessment. Dahlia and I have taught a bunch of tutorial sections that are meant to be extra treats at the end of our program (not necessarily going to have anything to do with the work out).

Music Notes:
Erik's played traditional arabic cuts from his band House of Tarab, then interspersed it with ambient textural works, to funky, heavy metal and his groovy Power Belly theme songs sections. It’s truly a fusion! This weeks episode he started out with oud and dumbek then introduced his new “Metal East” mix and ended with this wonderful space sound scape for sweat glittering shimmies.

We shot an interview Laura Rose did with me and put it up on the Visionary Dance Channel of You Tube. Check it out along with other fun clips!

Instructional DVD’s
Want to start boning up so you can join the Power Belly Show

If you are brand new I recommend:
Absolute Beginning Belly Dance with Delilah (3 hours plus web club 101)
Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshop Volumes I &II (6 hours plus web club 303,Save $10)

To see Feed Back coming in Click Here

We are excited at the possibility to have interaction with dancers who eventually tune in from all over the globe. This aspect could be very fun (maybe a call in even). Tell us what you want to see and do and we will consider it. We want to involve the dance community. Teachers, dancers and musicians can participate on our show and see themselves the next week. This could be very beneficial to introducing new dancers, informing us all about belly dance events and products. Hint hint!

We are going to make a available a DVD version of
THE POWER BELLY SHOW (any minute now!)

A Special Edition: Limited run
Best of the First Dozen Episodes (#9 and #12)
2 Power Belly Workouts
with tutorials by Delilah and Dahlia.
Music by Erik Brown
$29.95 plus shipping and handling.
Call or Email (206)632-2353
Email us and we ‘ll notify you the minute it’s ready!
info at



August 3rd 2009


This week a heat wave hit Seattle so we took the Power Belly Show to the Visionary garden and held the whole show in my back yard. Erik set up his music station out doors with his hookah (happy camper). The cap I’m wearing is a Kalani Retreat hat where we do our hawaii retreats. We took it easy cause Seatteilites are not used to the heat so only the bravest came out for class. My back yard is very shady and it was surprisingly pleasant. Later that weekend we had an entire show and garden party in there. Twelve dances on a oriental carpet. The web site is readying it’s self to be completely up dated and that means the power belly Show is getting closer to going online!

This week we sent a few episodes out across the county to volunteers who are also invited to share it with their circle of friends. They have 7 days and then are asked to a then send it on to other volunteers. It’s going out to California, Rhode Island , North Carolina, Winnipeg Canada, Michigan, New York, and Seattle for starters. Yahoo! I hope they like it!


July 29th 2009

Wow it’s actually been hot here in Seattle. After all the snow we got earlier this year, it’s surprising. Seattleites can’t function in this heat (blood is too think and most places are not equipped with air conditioning). Thus the Power Belly Show have been sweat boxes. Only for the most dedicated. We have shot 10 practice episodes now. We have shot a bunch of tutorial sections with me and Dahlia and need to do a lot more.(hopefully with some other instructors as well) We sent out the first sample shows on DVD across the country this week. I guess no one is reading my blog cause hardly anyone has asked to receive a copy. Hmmm? It’s free! 206 632-2353.

The new web site is almost done. It is being migrated this week and then connected with our video hosting service.

Yikes! It’s all very exciting.

As for our Power Belly Show events: Dahlia’s “Unmata Unfusion” show happened on the weekend. (The most amazing show I have been apart of in many moons). Dahlia brought the Unmata girls, Amy Sigil, Shelly, and Kari over for a Power Belly Show appearance. We talked up the April Visionary Hawaii Retreat 2010 where Amy and Dahlia are featured. We want to get the other two Unmata gals there as well (so please register for that retreat now so that we can afford to bring them all).

This retreat is the best way to learn the Unmata style! I asked Amy,

“Is the retreat was going to be too hard for beginners?”

She said no not at all long as they are enthusiastic and willing. Her style is different enough that everyone starts with the basics and we will move day by day.

I also asked her if she would do her Fire Whip in front of the volcano at sunset. She said, “ Of course!”

We asked her about her new instructional DVD? She hopes to have it ready by the retreat! Editing , you know how it goes. . . Well we are all eagerly awaiting I told her.

Then in another episode (on the hottest day of the summer) we took the Power Belly Show out side to my garden with ice cold beer and lemonade. (I don’t think it’s illegal to drink beer on the internet) Fun!


Power to your belly!


July 8th 2009

We are trying to find a day for a POWER BELLY SHOW VIEWING party. We will have paper questionnaires for folks to fill out anonymously as well as food and fun! Something short will also be on you tube.

Reminder anyone who is interested in getting VDP studio posts please sign up Anyone is welcome that is involved with belly dance and interested in our studio or retreat activities.

Since the last blog entry we have been busy busy busy bees. On the 20 th of June we paraded down the streets of Fremont in the annual Fremont Solstice Parade (our 20th year). There are tons of beautiful photos of us on line. Look up “belly dance Seattle Solstice parade 2009” and you will find video and pics. We had about 114 participants this year and about 7 different dances! Everything flowed so beautifully. On Monday we began entertaining our week long Belly Dance Consciousness Festival (Belly Con for short in it’s 5th year). Some of the Festival high lights: We invited guest dancer Freya from LA. She gave a Womyn’s Ritual Belly Dance Workshop. Elisa Gamal gave a Veil Wraps Class and Raqs Steady Eddy delivered a fun Hip Hop Belly Dance Fusion workshop. Sallah Ali joined Erik Brown in our eStudio for the Power Belly Show’s musical accompaniment that week. Sweet!

But the action didn’t stop there. By Friday we had our annual post parade party where everyone brought video and photos of the parade to share, debrief and congratulate each other on a dance well done. A wondrous sense of pride and accomplishment was shared by all. Then Dahlia Moon, Laura Rose and your’s truly performed a studio concert with House of Tarab. Nice and intimate. We have really cultivated a really nice performance atmosphere within VDP Studio and want to do more intimate performances here in the future.Then the next night Laura Rose and I danced at the Casablanca down town Seattle with H.O.T. .

Sunday morning we jetted down to Portland for a rehearsal and a video shoot of a live concert performance. A Stellar line up: Karim Nagi, Ruby, Dahlia, Magidah, Rachel George, Alimah, Shara, Sedona, Claudia, Yemaya, Darshan and H. O. T.! It was shot with 4 cameras and will be out on Blue Ray in the near future. The project is produced by Soulfire Productions. Way to go Sedona! After 2 days of that we were sliding into home base again to shoot another class of the Power Belly Show. I will admit to only 3 hours sleep and was a little rough around the edges! On the way down to Portland we had plenty of room but on the way back we scooped up AndyZ. We forgot about how big of an instrument Andy plays. I road all the way back up to Seattle squished in the back seat between Erik and Andy’s bass.

Ok, but today it’s July and we are anxious to get the Power Belly Show up and running. We are waiting on he web masters now. Then it will be at least another 2 weeks before it’s on line officially. Today we will experiment with a little different lighting. Come on out for Power Belly Time!



June 13th 2009

This weeks run of the Power Belly Show was really enthusiastic. The gals are getting more comfortable with the camera running. During this class Jenny interacted a bit with me and I coaxed Nicole into dancing a bit with Erik's drum solo. Laura Rose, Erik and I sit and study each weeks recording so we can make it better the next week. Darn I really reversed my words and miss spoke when talking about the results of doing this weeks balance exercise. Nerves I guess. Not a big deal, but a note to self to slow down and be more careful. Kind of like my spelling and typos on e mail (dang it, it's frustrating). Since this is a weekly live classroom, we don't go back and re due anything. If there needs to be a correction or a clarification on any weeks program I guess we can have a special web page for that. Dancers can ask questions too. Another problem was my feet were in the dark so you couldn't see my toes clearly but I tell you clearly "push your big toes down and lift little toes up. I would hope dancers listen as well as watch but I guess I'll find out how they feel when we start passing it around.

Over all really like how it's turning out. It's getting better and better each week. Erik put a room mic in the room to pick up the jingle of coins and a more natural feel. We have mixed opinions about adding more light. We are going for a dark theatrical feel instead of a brightly lit schoolroom atmosphere. When I leave the light pool it gets dark. I don't mind it but on computer screens it may be problematic. When Nicole interacted with Erik she was in a very dark spot, so we may either pull a gel out next week or add another light. AND Sallah Ali will be joining us on violin next week.



June 8th, 2009

Today is another Power Belly E studio class shoot. We like what we shot last week and look forward to this evenings class. It's really been fun so far. Lots of creative minds and bellies shaking it up.
Our video lead in real still needs a couple more shots. We hope to have them tomorrow and can get that part edited very soon so we can get a sample out to our test market. Want to be a tester? We need dancers to try it out. You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. Call us!Delilah

May 21, 2009
Mondays May 18- June 22 we are holding our weekly Power Belly On-line classes.
We are shooting these 6 weeks of classes as tests for our new E STUDIO Power Belly Show. They are mostly experimenting with mics, sound equipment, lighting, clothing and cameras so that when we go on-line (hopefully by July) we will have all the bugs worked out. We are also waiting for our brand new web site to get done so everything can go up at once. For now I and our students are getting used to having the cameras running while we are doing our belly dance work out. We have an interesting night club lighting effect going on. So far it's pretty fun. Everyone showed up wearing black for the first class. I asked them to try to wear more braver colors. We all laughed. The head set mic takes some getting used to with my crazy hair. I'm getting used to hearing my voice over the speakers. We will most likely invest in a fancier mouth piece in coming weeks. If we get an entire class we like in the coming weeks, we will put it on-line as a sample before July. On the first class shot there was already a slight sound problem so we'll try again this week.
Book mark this page.

In previous days we have been shooting around town. Trying to get shots of dancers dancing with their lap tops in Seattle locations. These will be used in our lead in real. We have been slowed down by the dreary rainy weather this spring. Man oh man, will it ever be summer? We shot Kitty at a bus stop and Neva on a ferry, Brigitte and Aron in office cubicles and front desks. Victoria was in her PJ's brushing her teeth while belly dancing to her lap top that was sitting on the toilet seat. Veronika and her 16 month old wear dancing while stirring a pot on the stove. Very cute. We need some more shots. Any volunteers? We could use some men, kids?


Dancers have been asking us:
When will you release a Power Belly DVD?

We are planning something even better!
Visionary Dance Productions will be bringing you a weekly
Power Belly Workout Online very soon!


About POWER BELLY online.
We are going online. What’s that mean? We are going to actually hold 1 Power Belly Workout online each week. This class will be shot on Tuesday and go up on Thursdays. Not totally “live” but “current”. Each week will host a new program. I think we should call it the Power Belly Hour or the Power Belly Show! What do you think?

What this means for the avid belly dance enthusiast is you can check into our dance studio and enjoy our most popular class via computer at your convenience from anywhere, any time. You could even be naked! Ha-ha!

The recording of our show is with a live class and with mostly live music. We have regular students and if you call ahead, you can drop in the class and appear on our show. We’ll be so stoked you came from New York or Timbuktu that we’ll for sure introduce you on our show (hey, free advertising). The Power Belly Show will be experiential, in that you can dance along with me just like you are in class. Erik Brown and his band mates from House of Tarab will be our live band. As our shows progress we will have guest star dancers and musicians drop-in. Tons of potential fun.

Here’s the program plan today:
Part One

The Power Belly workout part of the program is for all levels. It assumes you are already belly dancing. Absolute beginners are advised to buy one of Delilah’s Instructional DVD’s to learn more detailed breakdowns of techniques and dance vocabulary. On the show, you will see Delilah wearing her Power Belly Weigh belt. That is not a mandatory aspect but it does give you a great workout (see web detail). The goal of the power belly class is to keep dancing! This is so we keep our heart rate up, build endurance and sweat! If what I’m doing is beyond your experience you are instructed to keep stepping to the beat but importantly stay in the grove with the music. The more classes you watch the more in tune you will be come. It’s almost belly dance by osmosis. Class starts at 6:15 at VDP Studio in Seattle WA on Tuesdays and runs for 50 minutes.

Part Two
This section will be a pre recorded 15 minute tutorial attached to each weeks’ dance workout. The tutorials might be any style, level or perspective of belly dance or music. They might be taught by me or my guest stars. We will surprise you every week. The idea is to keep it fun and round out your belly dance experience.

How will you have access to the program?
Each program will be up for 1 week and you will have unlimited access for 1 week. Unfortunately it will only be available through internet explorer and a windows media player for a while. I know, I’m a Mac user too. New Macs with Boot Camp will be able to access. We have a dedication to getting that obstacle out of the way, but it will take more start up capital. So as we get more subscribers the faster we will implement that aspect. In the meantime, we may offer a subscription to have DVD's of the program mailed to you.

Estimated Cost
A one-time view will be $12 a little bit cheaper than an average 90-minute class. A month subscription will be $40 (classes available streaming or download, viewable for one week.) New class each week.*
Each episode available for licensed download or DVD for $29 (plus shipping and

* Our goal will be 6 weeks of programming and 2 weeks off in which we will put up a repeat of the best of our classes providing approximately 38-40 shows in one year.


A Bit of Delilah Herstory
In the 70’s, I began belly dancing as a teen. I won contests, appeared in shows and became known across the country. I danced 2-3 shows a night, 6 nights a week or more. In the 80’s I married, gave birth to 2 daughters and produced the very first series of special interest instructional belly dance videos entitled; Delilah’s Belly Dance Workshops Vol. I,II,III with follow up additions of Absolute Beginning Belly Dance, A Retro Choreography and later came a number of performance, documentary and specialty programs. By the 90’s I became world famous in the belly dance world and had taught 1000’s of women all over the planet to love belly dance. This was very exciting. With the help and support of dedicated and talented family and friends, I opened the first belly dance web site with a store front that even featured state of the art video clips, sound files and other media-works. I also started touring and began hosting 10 day belly dance retreats in Hawaii. The legacy of these retreats allowed me to get to know so many of my colleges on a personal level. Each retreat hosts different themes of styles and perspectives of belly dance along with the use of live music. They have been laboratories for exercising creative license and the exploration of the art of belly dance. I know these events have been meaningful to so many dancers lives. They are extraordinary episodes in my belly dance career, and instrumental in flushing out a very worldly perspective. Examples of our pursuits: dancing in nature, belly dance fitness, American tribal, folkloric, sufi, Phaoronic, interpretive, zambra, Middle East fusion and belly dance therapy.

As we moved into the 21st century I had to switch everything over to DVD (a huge project). While I was at it, we updated and extended all of our programs with bonus extras and doubled their length. We also produced new programs each year adding to our visionary belly dance library. By 2004 I took the plunge and realized my long held dream of owning my own exclusively belly dance studio in Seattle. Our local student base grew fast and is very enthusiastic. We have dancers drop in from all over the world who have been studying with me in their living rooms on DVD, and finally we get to meet. Each year since 1989 we mount an ensemble for the Fremont Solstice Parade. We had 200 people dancing down the street in 2007. We called ourselves the Billion Belly March.

Now I have the pleasure of working alongside and nurturing the careers of award winning first caliber instructors and performers, Dahlia Moon, Laura Rose, Erik Brown, the 6 piece Middle Eastern musical ensemble House of Tarab as well as our young newly professional protégés Bella Jovan and Nicole.

I am proud. We do great work!

Dear Dancers, Friends and Fellow Visionaries,

All the rapid changes in our modern day living have meant big challenges for a small artist-run company with no outside corporate sponsorship (somehow we manage). Just bumping all those videos up to DVD was costly and so is managing a daily web presence. We love our studio so much (it’s in a safe and popular area in Seattle) but the overhead of a physical dance studio is unbelievable and, unfortunately, not sustainable by just student enrollment. So we have to keep thinking ahead and adapting to the day’s technology, (which is not cheap). Thus today we are finding ourselves at another big transition; our entire web site has to be redesigned to modernize and make way for the launch of our new online class for belly dancers around the world.

What I have described above represents a long history of years of belly dance dedication. Some of you have been with me from the beginning and many more have just discovered the fantastic world of belly dance. I am endlessly committed to this art and it’s accessibility for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life. I plan to dance to the end of my days, and I hope you will join me!

Thank you for you’re past support by purchasing one of our programs, weight belts or attending our retreats. If belly dancing means as much to you as it does to so many of us women, then today I am asking for your continued support.


1. Easy and with value!
We figured if we set a goal of finding 150-200 dancers to sponsor us immediately for one month only that would help take care of the huge new start up costs. Our new web site is almost done and what’s stopping it from being implemented is money. So we thought, what could we offer our supporters that might have additional value? Here is our idea.
For the first 150 -200 dancers who become sponsor us (for the first month only. This means 4 episodes of the Power Belly Work out that you any watch during the week as many times as you want), we will also add a DVD copy of our first Power Belly Internet program that you can watch indefinitely. We’ll even autograph and number it by key players; Delilah, Erik, Laura Rose.
All it will cost is $40 plus $8.95 shipping. (Wa state residents pay tax).
In today's economy that's a pretty good value for one months worth of work outs and pride in knowing you are supporting and sponsoring the art you love.

2. Gifts
Well, if you don’t have a computer, or don’t care about online classes but you like us, you can send us a modest a gift. You can be guaranteed we will spend it wisely. Is it tax deductible? No, we are not nonprofit. Every-time we look into it we feel it would require more money out, as well as more time, book keeping, computer hours, grant writing to establish that kind of bureaucratic empire. All to avoid taxation and compete for grant money? It would take more time away from actual dancing. Life is too short. In my thinking nonprofit status is an oxymoron; you have to make a profit to become that organized. So we are pretty much family and artist based business trying to make ends meet.

3. Advertising Sponsorship
We think lots of dancers will be curious about what we are doing, so we should get lots of traffic. Venders and promoters can either submit or we can edit a commercial for you that will appear within the program. Still screen or moving picture, it will cost the same as the average full-page ad in a magazine and will have the advantage of going up fairly fast instead of having to plan and wait for the magazine to be delivered. You will also be listed as sponsoring the show on the internet pages leading up to the access page so people will see you even if they opt not to buy our show. Call and email us for details.



© 2008. Visionary Dance Productions 
and VDP Studios. All rights reserved.
Please report any problems with our web site to us. We work hard to keep everything up-to-date and really appreciate your help. Thank you.