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The Perfect Man Catcher Dress

(to be read with a Southern Accent)

Well, I have to share this phenomena with you single ladies. I call the Worship, the Enchantress and the Camelot dresses “The Man Catcher Dresses”. Yes ladies, if you Wanda catch a man, just put one of these dresses on and walk through the aisles of Costco and you’ll not only catch a man, but he’ll have a business too.

Seriously, it’s a very interesting phenomena — when I wear one, men from ages 18 to 80 come up to me, smile and initiate very friendly conversations. Too bad I ‘m not looking for a date! Now, I told a few women this and they said “pooh pooh Delilah, it’s just because you were wearing the dress” but I can prove otherwise.

Take the same girl in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and no one talks to her. Put her in the dress and set her loose and everyone’s head turn. I think I know why. Because the girl feels different and her feminine energies are all stirred up and it moves molecules and vibrations in the air. Before men know what's happening, they are drawn to this pleasantry like a bee to a honey-jaw open. They might as well say something!

Many times they talk about the dress directly and are not shy to say, “ I really love your dress” and “I wish my wife would wear one”. . . “My daughter would love a dress like that” and “Now, that IS a beautiful dress.” “Good day. My, but you look charming today!” Sometimes they talk about the weather, the news of the day, or a can of beans on the shelf.

I have had teenage boys with backpacks say “nice dress lady” and one even pulled on his Mothers elbow and softly spoke, “ Mommy, you should get a dress like that lady has on.” A male hair dresser called me on the phone and wanted to know where he could get one. These dresses evoke Aphrodite and if you ask me, the world would be a safer place if we all had a little bit more feminine sentimentality.

A smile, a gentler word, a stir from below, and a great dress.




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