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Belly dancing is Delilah's passion. Our mission is to share her visionary perspective on the dance; her unique and powerful teaching skills; her inspiring bellydance performances through video, DVD, images, articles, and music. We provide belly dancers with the very best materials to further their study of the art of bellydancing and fuel their passions for dancing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Updated February 2009

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Visionary Belly Dancing
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Belly Dancing is fun! Everyone can participate, whether you want to learn belly dancing as a hobby, career, or just enjoy its beauty as a spectator. This page is designed to help you find your way around our beautiful belly dance site and see what's new, extra special, and timely. This is a huge and amazing web site to shop, learn, explore, watch inspiring video clips, read interesting articles, listen to belly dance music & poetry, find belly dance costumes plus more ...This is a one page directory to all the multifaceted aspects to this belly dancing site, all the new additions and current events! Enjoy

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Visionary Belly Dancing Home .

Visionary Belly Dancing Gateway. ... the beautiful main graphic gateway page to the rest of our site. Ideas, images, and a wealth of belly dance articles, resources, and musings! Note: This was one of our original state-of-the-art web pages back in 1996.

Belly Dancing Videos & DVD's ... High-quality dance instructional and performance videos from a master teacher... a great value, an important investment in your dance education that will produce results. You can learn to dance from these videos! Delilah's bellydancing videos and DVD's have rich material to offer all bellydancers, from absolute beginners through seasoned professionals and dance teachers. European/Foreign Customers: PAL

If you are sincere in your interest in belly dancing, you'll find Visionary Belly Dancing products integral and valuable to your dance education. Everyone can learn to dance!

Visionary Dances Production Customer Service and Sales Policies ... and mode of operations; shipping times, refunds, defects,trouble shooting, staff, processing security. . .

Visionary Dance has a new dance and video production studio in Seattle. VDP Studios will soon facilitate producing instructional belly dance lessons to put up on the web, as well as local Seattle Classes with Delilah, Dahlia Moon, Laura Rose and other dance instructors. Also drum and music classes with Erik Brown and classes for kids and teens. Check these links out Belly Dancing Events | Calendar at-a-glance | Class Descriptions | Music Class | Drum Class | Registration Form
VDP Studio Notes
| Grand Opening Details | Student Notebook

Dancing Ideas & Images ... Hub page for Belly dancing, links, video clips, sound bites, dancing photo galleries (including underwater bellydancing!), belly dance and pregnancy, healing and bellydance, and more fascinating and fun dance stuff.

Links... We have 2 links pages. Page 1 are our favorite links, page 2 are link exchange and complimentary links. Please read our linking requirements.

Alexandra's Belly Dancing Library...A wide variety of articles on belly dancing and women's arts: dancing in nature, birth dance, belly dance during pregnancy, women's self-esteem issues, belly dancing video, DVD and music reviews, belly dancing costume information, bellydance notes, behind-the-scene dance stories.

Visionary Belly Dance Retreats... One to two times a year, Delilah hosts a dance retreat in Hawaii where dancers from all over the world come and study belly dancing in paradise with her. Delilah brings together live music, focused dance itinerary, guest dancers and drum instructors, costume contests and performances to create the treasured dance experience of a lifetime. Delilah's Next fabulous belly dance retreats on the Big Island:

  • January 24th - 31st 2010 join Delilah and Erik Brown Theme: Neighbor Temple Priestess.
  • April 2nd - 9th 2010 Easter Retreat Delilah will be joined by Dahlia Moon and Amy Sigil of Unmata for the Theme: Tribal Hula Fusion

Belly Dance as Healing Dance... A column exploring the psychological benefits of belly dancing and women's personal growth, hosted by Lorraine Lafata, bellydancer and licensed therapist (M.S. W., L. I. C. S. W.). We welcome you to contribute your own healing dance stories!

Belly Dance and Pregnancy... Belly dancing has proven beneficial, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, for women preparing for childbirth. Two video programs, "Dance to the Great Mother" by Delilah (also on DVD) and documentary / instruction "Belly Dancing During Pregnancy" by Gaby Oefterfing.

Voices of Belly Dancing... Dancers and musicians speak to belly dancing. A popular belly dancing web page.

Belly Dancing Video Clips... Find a dozen videos clips of dances. They change from time-to-time, just like any movie theater, so bookmark it and check back!

Belly Dancing Events Calendar Updated listings on Delilah's nationwide bellydancing workshops and Seattle dance classes, as well as other belly dancing events, dance festivals, dance performances, solon parties and appearances.

Belly Dance Costume, Supplies, and Music Bazaar ... Shopping! Delilah's favorite belly dancing CDs by many artists, belly dance costumes, belly dancing supplies such as a huge selection of coin hip scarf's, weight belts (a great learning tool!), dance books, posters, finger cymbal / zills, . . . belly dancing stuff.Delilah, veiled belly dancer

Belly Dance Music ... CDs by our own visionary composer of wonderful contemporary belly dancing music, Steven Flynn. Downloadable sound samples.

Belly Dance Happy Mail. Reports from satisfied belly dancers!

Visionary Dances Production
Customer Service and Sales Policies ... and mode of operations; shipping times, refunds, defects, trouble shooting, staff, processing security. . .

Extra help!

New to belly dancing? Have questions about bellydancing?

Find questions and answers about belly dancing, a fascinating belly dance historic timeline, discussion of dance styles, a belly dance technical forum featuring Delilah as the current belly dance instructor on duty . . ..

web club entrance

Online Belly Dancing Instruction

Delilah and Visionary Dance have developed a revolutionary plan to expand the value and life of our video & DVD belly dancing instruction by combining it with additional educational materials on the web. Learn more, and find members entrance: Visionary Bellydancing Web Clubs!

Another Visionary Belly dancing Idea!

We have 4 different Web Clubs. Web Clubs are essentially they are e-Books that go with the DVD courses we produce. The difference is we recognize the potential to add pages to the body of work to keep the content current. If you have a question we can add the answer to the text.

New On The Visionary Belly Dancing Site...

  • FREE FINGER CYMBALS ... (Original value $18) when you purchase 3-4 instructional belly dance videos or DVD. Offer while supplies last. This special is offered periodically.
  • NEW DVD's I, II, III ... 90 minute of new material has been added to each Volume See what's on them!
  • Delilah and Sirocco:Live & Wild... This DVD has been upgrades to include an instructional section and a beautiful documentary called "Embracing Aphrodite",
    increasing the overall length by 90 minutes

  • Current Belly Dance News... stories and YouTube clips about recent dance events;"
  • Belly Dancing Costumes for Sale...see Bellydancing Bazaar
  • TWO NEW Belly Dancing Instructional DVD's programs are available
    Gypsy Veil: A Prime to 9/8 Rhythm
    Combinations with Delilah
    see Instructional Videos.
  • Belly Dance Weight Belts — a very popular new tool to boost your learning curve for isolations, shimmies, strength, tone, endurance and core well as
    Lose inches from your waistline

  • New Category in Alexandra's Belly Dancing Library: Belly Dance Web Books:
    The Steven Flynn Story
  • We've added more incredible images to our new Underwater Belly Dancing Photo Gallery, off of Ideas and Images of Dance. That's right, underwater bellydancing, with Delilah doing an unearthly veil dance down in the belly deep blue sea.
  • Delilah's Seattle Bellydancing Classes Details are on the bellydance calendar page.

  • Archive Pages:
    Big Past Events: Fall 2003:
    Caravan Photos from the tour were put up on April 30, 2004
    The Caravan Belly Dance Tour will eventually Archived in Alexandra's Library pages.

    Delilah and Sirocco came to teach and perform on the East Coast this past fall!
    Visionary Belly Dance East Coast belly Dancing Tour, New York to Florida, 47 days and 47 nights
    Delilah, Laura Rose, special guests and the hot and spicy live belly dancing music of Sirocco
    October 1st - November 16 2003. Caravan Belly Dancing Tour Line Up
    You can read and see photos about this grand adventure in Delilah's Web Blog / Belly Blog


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