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Rodger's Fashion in Motion
May 2, 2003

Rodger Scheibner is a fashion designer. One day earlier this year, Rodger called me up and asked if I would be willing to hear about his proposal to direct an avant garde performance art piece for the Bellevue Art Museum’s upcoming show in the summer. He told me BAM had been planning a big fashion exhibit for nearly 3 years and he wanted to be a part of it. Rodger had studied fashion design for many years and this show was very important to him. It would be called “ Fashion In Motion”.

I agreed to hear him out and Rodger came to sit in my parlor and share with me a fantastic account of the most out of-this-world ideas I had heard in a long time. The story involved aliens from another planet watching TV shows from France in the 40s who were curious enough to try on the fabulous frocks they saw. The production would be part film, part live dancers, poetry recitations, live music, fashion models and elaborate sets. He had drawings, samples, time lines and players all picked out. Rodger was familiar with my dancing and he wanted me to star in his movie and do a featured live performance in his show. I was impressed by his imagination and said, “Sure, why not!” I’ve always wanted to star in a movie! Then he surprised me by revealing a commitment contract . . . Interesting. I had never been asked to sign one before as I had never even heard of one before. This was a contract that stated I agreed to be on board for Rodgers Proposed Show in the summer time. He would get one of these signed by everyone he wanted to be in his show and then present his intended proposal to the Museum. I was impressed.

The museum accepted Rodger’s proposal and gave him opening night of the three-month fashion exhibition. That means everything was bumped up three months sooner and Rodger had a a very elaborate project to put together in record time! This was no easy feat to coordinate and find the resources in such a short interval of time, with so many busy lives.

He gathered us at his house for a group meeting. All the players for this project were top notch professionals. Rodger had great taste and charm. He knew how to enlist people to his cause. It felt great to be in such good company. Rodger made a miniature of the set and gave us a new version of his script. It had changed a lot. No longer were there space aliens involved, rather the storyline had become about the subconscious mind verses the conscious mind and the struggle for freedom of thought and healing of emotions and self expression. It was taking on very deep meaning and yet still had whimsical dimensions. He was proving to be a mix of an absolute visionary after my own heart. He was extremely brave in his vision, committed, and organized yet so gentle and trusting with all of the artists.

We all worked hard filming, sewing, editing, dancing, rehearsing, shleping stuff from one location to the next and finally, in the nick of time, we pulled it all together.

The show opened with the film projected on the set wall.

The dancers carried out the movie’s plot to the live music of Sub Masa, then the models appeared with the first set of designs, the movie returned and then Delilah danced to the poetry and music and then all the dancers danced in Rodger’s designs, followed by the movie again. The models returned in even more flamboyant designs. Then the movie wrapped up the ending. The whole show was about 48 minutes and ran like clock work. The museum had over 1000 people cross it’s threshold that day. The show was a success! The place was packed and people want ted to buy Rodger’s designs. He was so full of last-minute performance and fitting details he forgot his business cards!

He’s adorable!

  • Designed and written by Rodger Schreibner for
    Fashion in Motion at the Bellevue Art Museum

  • Jacob Stone was on board to make the movie

  • Ensemble Sub Masa would perform the music with their eastern European/Mediterranean sound.

  • Poetry by Pamela Sackett

  • PR and lighting by Charles la Brenz

  • Dancers:
    Sarah Teller
    Laura Rose
    Faye Zama

  • Models:
    Brenda Sheen
    Monica Parsons
    Molly Carman
    Stacie Willson
    Brandie Henry
    Hanja von Feldmann

  • Stage managed by:
    Bill Zama
    Nick Soloman
    Edwin Scheibner

  • Seamstresses and Clothing accessories:
    Christine Hamby
    Louse Davenport Virginia Walton
    Sandi Perez-Lixa
    Jaque Goldsmith
    Beverly Hunnicutt
    Jenny Manes

    Hopefully we can get some photos up soon!

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