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Delilah’s Belly Dance Costume Workshop:
Parts 1 &2

Script Outline

Belly Dance Costume Video I

I. Opening Performance by Delilah

Costume by Madam Abla
Music: Turning, from Welcome to the Dance, by Steven Flynn

II. Personal Introduction to Bellydance Costuming by Delilah

III. Skirts

How to make your custom circle pattern tool
Cutting them out, hanging, hemming and waist band designs
Modeling demonstration of 20 different style of skirts
Models: Claire, Rabekkah, Cecilia Bal Boa, Victoria, Laura Rose
IV. The Mata Hari Dress: pattern and directions
Made from 3 yards of veil fabric, plus 3 yards for a matching veil

V. The Arabesque costume: pattern and directions
Skirt, hip drape and head wrap
VI. Head Adornments
How to design and make Head bands with beads, jewels and scarves
Hats and wigs
12 Head drapes for illusions of longer hair and different looks
Fast costume changes
VII. Makeup Section
Delilah starts with a neutral palette and layers on makeup while describing techniques, products, tricks and tips as she goes along.
How to draw eyebrows, apply eyeliner, create shadow depth (Delsarte of makeup), use lipstick and liners, contouring features, fix your makeup, apply false eye lashes - upper and lower, intensify and accent points, utilize color shadows, and goals for stage verses video.
She even sneaks in “how to string your elastic on your finger cymbals” using your cosmetic containers.
VIII. Mata Hari and Arabesque
Costume/dance demo with Claire, Lilly Wild, and Rebekkah
Music, Welcome to the Dance by Steve Flynn
IX. Bazaar: Suppliers addresses

Belly Dance Costume Video 2

I. Dance of the 10 veils by Delilah

Music: Mystery Rumba: Welcome to the Dance, by Steve Flynn
Demonstration of various shapes, colors, fabrics and dimensions
II. Belt Inspirations
Delilah introduces a display of belts and their design variations
She shows you how to design your own fabric form belt
III. Beading techniques
With the use of a beading sampler, Delilah shows you many designs for hand beading bugle beads, Rachel beads, pearls, sequins and bangles.
Also, how to sew on coins and make your own custom-beaded fringe
IV. Craft Supplies for Costume Construction and Repairs

V. Bras
Delilah introduces a display of bras and their design variations
Importance of Elastic!
VI. How to keep your belt from riding up.

VII. Vests and Accessories and how to make a stomach cover using a bathing suit pattern

IX. Story of the Lickestani Dancing Cats
Special guests: Laurel Victoria Gray and Demitri
X History of Women and the Veil
Narrated and written by Laurel Victoria Gray
XI. Veil drapes and How to Dance Them Off!
The Side Drape
The Brief or Midriff Wrap
The Spiral Wrap
The Magic Wrap:
using the back screen, Cocoon, Tent, Yashmack and Spiral Wrap .
Elbow Drape,
Cross Your Heart,
Neck Drape
XII. Rakkasah Festival Commercial

XIII Dancing Fashion Show
35 Costumes displayed by Dancers: Delilah, Feirus Aram, Lilly Wild, Janice Rose, Laurel Victoria Gray, Claire Wesley, Rebekkah, Terry Patterson, Sherry Strite, Connie Burke, Sabura/Anita Ross, Tahia Alibec, Helen Brett, and Zaphara

Music cuts from:
Welcome to the Dance, by Steve Flynn
Tales of the Night Wind, by Steve Flynn
XIV Bazaar: Suppliers and Addresses


There is a wealth of information and inspiration provided. What this video set will not do is teach anyone how to sew. It moves fast in order to provide a good overview of costuming options. The two videos are aimed at being entertaining as well (it’s ok to laugh). Even husbands enjoy watching these videos.


A companion booklet accompanies the video to help iron out technical items and provide additional information. An inserted revised supplier update is also included since these things tend to change. Included are: costume suppliers, trade publications, musicians, costume book resources, and costume designers.

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