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Burning Man Party
at Delilah's

On Saturday, Sept. 4, Delilah had another one of her famous “Salon Parties”. The theme was suggested by an artist friend of hers, David Marso.

“Delilah? I know you just bought that big old barbecue this summer. Wanna put it to use and host a Burning Man party for those in Seattle who couldn’t go to Burning man this year?”

Now a little background here...

Seattle is home base for many of the wild folks who create amazing art works and pyrotechnic performances at Burning Man. Even more to the point, a lot of them live right here in the Fremont neighborhood and are members of the Fremont Arts Council – an organization Delilah is very involved with especially at Summer Solstice Parade time and the Winter Solstice Feast.

So, Delilah said, “Sure! “

David invited folks from the Burning Man tribe. Delilah posted it on her web site and invited members of both the belly dance network and the Fremont Arts Council community.

Some of her students asked, “ Burning Man, Delilah? Isn’t that a boys thing?”

Delilah’s response was, “Ha! Well hardly. But, many boys do like Burning Man and girls that like boys might wanna come to my party! . . . A bunch of my students formed a belly dance troupe called Raqs Serpentine and they are at burning Man this moment!”

But seriously, Burning Man is an amazing community art project staged in the Nevada Desert. They construct an entire town called Black Rock City and people create there own villages. It’s a courageous test of humanity in the raw elements of the desert.

See Burning Man History

Money is no good in Black Rock City, as I understand. You have to trade and barter for everything. You gotta plan carefully and bring in your own water and supplies for survival. When it’s over, everything is removed and made fresh for the next year. The motto is "leave no trace" – very admirable indeed.

What we did at the party

Delilah, Stephanie and Ken
The Wickerman movie played with a double bill of Burning Man Documentary, 1998, in the living room. We had Burning Man articles book marked on the computer screen, a barbecue potluck out back, a Sultan’s Lounge for the kids on the front porch, and lots of music and dancing happening on the deck. It was Ken’s Birthday too!

And Chef Boyardee David was on the bar-b-q.

Will Affleck, Larry Neilsen and Delilah

Will Affleck brought Burning Man paraphernalia and toys from a past Burning Man. Some people wore costumes and hula hooped.

Oh yes, and we burned a man or two as a matter of tradition.

Lots of Fun was had by all ! AND now more dancers want to come to our Burning Man party next year!

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