Photo by Tim Greyhaven

Billion Belly March

Held June 17th 2006 in the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade Seattle Washington

2006 Theme: Show our Presence to the World
An estimated 185 participated in all; including dancers, musicians, and prop people. Dancers came from as far as Washington DC, Florida, Arizona, California,

Many more joined in support across the nation by learning the dances in their living room on DVD, bookmarking/linking the VDP website and joining the club! A great achievement indeed.

Also, in concert with the event was a 10 day mini festival called BELLY CON and a nightclub show called The Billion Belly Bash.

Billion Belly Web club

Dear Dancers,

Welcome to the club. The Visionary Dancers’ participation in the parade was begun in 1989 and has been responsible for seeding the development of many dances and step combinations Delilah teaches in retreats and workshops around the world.

This club was begun in May 2006. It is partly an archival site. It retains many of the past written dance notes and details to give dancers working with the DVDs additional guidance, inspiration and incentive to either join us in coming parades or do something similar in their own town. While the pages will seem rather quiet for most months of the year, the energy will return with new life each spring. New pages of notes, logistics, and project details will be added to the table of contents for upcoming Fremont Summer Solstice Parades. Our vision is that new dancers will be gaining access to these pages and getting a feel for the very special energy generated by this rather unusual and empowering event each year. Past participants will always have the password so even if they cannot join us, they can drop in on the webclub and observe from the inside, as well as watch and enjoy us in the parade.


Note: Anyone looking for a web project? This web club takes time and resources to put up and maintain. We have all sorts of cool creative ideas of how to make it more interesting.We would like to put up an archival photo gallery in this club from all the past years but need an experience web person to volunteer for this project if it is to get done. It would mean going through all my scrap books, scanning and designing a pictorial and narrative gallery. Also, a section where dancers send a 500-1000 word essay with photos about their experience or what they get out of the event would be cool. Any creative takers?