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Learn to Bellydance

Bellydancing DVDs & Videos from master teacher and legendary performer Delilah.

These three video volumes present a complete bellydance workshop, to be studied in your own home, at your own pace. In them, Delilah defines an extensive vocabulary of dance, explaining and demonstrating hundreds of different belly dance movements and techniques, including zill patterns. In addition, she provides an holistic warm-up routine, designed to prepare your body for the joyous experience found in this ancient dance form. Each program is presented as an entertaining blend of instruction, philosophy, and beautiful bellydance performances, illustrating the many facets of this ancient art. With bellydancing DVDs & Videos from master teacher and legendary performer Delilah. You can learn to bellydance with these DVDs and videos, the bellydancing videos most often recommended by dance teachers to their students!

Volume I - $49.95
DVD 2 hrs 53 min
Volume II - $49.95
DVD 3 hrs 16 min
Volume III - $49.95
DVD 3 hrs 2 min

Core instructional program...

Warm-Up Ritual

Slow Hips and Torso

Arms and Hands

Zills and Rhythms

DVD extras...

Interview with Delilah Part 1, with live dance film

Cheftitelli scat exercise

BellyTalk with Delilah & students

Brothers of the Balady in concert with Delilah

How to tie your zills

Stage make-up tips

Delilah’s Turkish Turquoise Dance

Uncle Mafufo’s riq lesson

Full index for instant access to each teaching section

Core instructional program...

Fast Hips

Baladi Rhythms

Masmoudi Rhythms

6/8 Rhythm

Karshilama Rhythms

Extensive Veil Work

DVD extras...

Interview with Delilah Part 2

Circle Balady Choreography

10/8 Samai Steps

Veiling and Unveiling

Dance of the 10 Veils

Delilah in White/Spirit of Oriental Dance

Full index for instant access to each teaching section

Core instructional program...


Belly Rolls

Coin Tricks

Floorwork Made Easy

Advanced Floorwork

Turkish Drop

DVD extras...

Interview with Delilah Part 3


Belly Rolls on the Beach

Lilith in the Sea

Welcome to the Dance/Spirit of Oriental Dance Concert

Full index for instant access to each teaching section

Also available in VHS... call to order VHS... 1-866-22BELLY
Choose from any of Delilah's four fundmental instructional DVDs: Delilah's Bellydance Workshop Volume I, Volume II and volume III, and Absolute Beginning Bellydance...
Any TWO workshop volumes
$89.95Save $10
Two Volume Special...
Any THREE volumes
Vols. I, II, III or Absolute Beginning:
$134.95 Save $15

Three Volume Special...DVD
All FOUR workshop volumes
Vols. I, II, III and Absolute Beginning:
$179.95 Save $15

Four Volume Special...DVD

Delilah's instructional videos are acknowledged to be among the very best available. If you really want to learn this dance in a deep way, these are the ones to get!

"Delilah's videos are always so timeless... very engaging and useful for all levels and all passages a dancer might be going through. I continually revisit them and am still challenged and inspired..."
EV, Lindenwold NJ
[more great testimonials]

"...covers a large number of moves, some suitable for brand-new beginners just starting out, and others that are more advanced. Even experienced dancers are likely to learn something new... Regardless of what style you prefer, you'll find many building blocks in this video that will expand your vocabulary of moves. "
[entire belly dancing video review] Shira

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This program begins with a performance to the classical song called Leilet Hob by Muhammad el Wahab. On this video you will find one of my famous 'Elemental Warm-Ups' that turns into a deep lesson plan I call 'Mapping the Internal Realms of the Body.' As part of this work we will begin the Horizontal Belly Roll. It is the hardest and rarest belly roll work I know, but I decided to work with it in the beginning, because everything up the road will seem easier after practicing these fundamentals. Then we move into the basic mechanics of bellydance: alignment, shimmies, exotic arms, 7 hands, and head slides. We feature the hour glass concept, exotic lotus hands and Kali's arms. With these simple concepts you can practice a mystic 'Candle Dance' included in the program.

Absolute Beginning Bellydance
More than 2 hours of bellydance
instruction and dance performance
for new and continuing students & teachers.


Any TWO workshop volumes:
Save $10
And get special value perks only when you order online
Any THREE volumes
Vols. I, II, III or Absolute Beginning:
Save $15
And get special value perks only when you order online!

ALL FOUR volumes
Vols. I, II, III AND
Absolute Beginning: 
Save $20


Answer to a common question: what's the difference? The difference between this program and Delilah's three volume workshop series is that this program will deal with the underpinnings of the dance in a deeper more detailed fashion. Very Important teachings for students and aspiring teachers, but if a student is only able to afford one video and anxious to work on specific movement vocabulary, they might be better served by picking one of the classic workshop volumes. Belly dancing is an endless art form and it can not be taught on just one video. We hope you will enjoy building your own personal video library.

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IAMED Award Winner 2003
"Best Instructional Belly Dance Program on Video or DVD"
A step-by-step instruction of a spontaneous choreography from Fire at the Iao

For intermediate and advanced dancers. In this program we look back at a spontaneous choreography, deconstruct it, and squeeze the juice from its kernels to nourish our growth and understanding of bellydance. As we view this instructional companion to Fire at the Iao, we find ourselves observing the science behind the magic and art of bellydance.

One five minute section of the live Iao concert performance is carefully broken down into seven instructive lessons with approximately 48 different bellydance moves. Even non-dancers will find this highly original instructional program fascinating and illuminating. This program was shot with 2 cameras during the live concert at the Iao Theater and 3 cameras at American Productions studio for the instructional program. A Retro Choreography is a very well produced presentation we know you will enjoy.

Flamenco and bellydance, hot and soulful. Fire at the Iao captures a remarkable performance... a beautiful, entertaining and entrancing evening of dance and music. This live show from the Iao Theater, Wailuku Maui in February 2000, stars Nikki Conti & Sulyman El Coyote in Spanish Flamenco, and Delilah & Sirocco in Middle Eastern Bellydance.

You also receive a membership to the Visionary Belly Dance Web Club, which contains additional resources for intermediate, advanced, and professional belly dancers.


A Retro Choreography
90 minutes

Fire at the Iao
50 minutes

Both Titles on VHS
DVD w/Bonus Footage: 
Save $20


Read Delilah's article on the inspiration for this exciting video, and also 12 months later: A Retro Choreography. The energy behind that performance just will not quit!
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NEW!... Gypsy Veil Dance: A Primer in 9/8 Rhythm

Gypsy Veil Dance with Delilah

Belly Dance Instruction with Delilah

Music from "Tapestry of the Dance" by John Bilezikjian and Var Daghdevirian

Running time: 120 minutes

In this unique DVD program you will learn . . .
• How to step and move your hips gracefully to a Turkish 9/8 time signature.
• Increase balance, timing, agility and general belly dance experience.
• Steps, spins, veil passes and combinations .
• You will become familiar with veils as well as costume designs and construction.
• Delilah teaches how to dance with a wider range of veil movements and attitude. In addition to the typical veil moves belly dancers have been using for years, you will learn faster handling with a more whimsical, fiery finesse. This develops character and a wider range of expression for the dance artist!

Program Chapters
• Introduction
• Rhythm warm up for mind and body.
• Step instruction
• 9/8 step work out
• Veil pass techniques
• Combination veil passes
• 5 Performances

Fabulous Extras
• Archival performance footage of 2 of Delilah's unique choreographies: "Lama Bada 10/8 Veil Dance" & "Delilah's Veil Origami."
• Costume Stories and tips on all the costumes featured on this DVD and more.
• Four different 9/8 Rhythm sound tracks for practicing and teaching: slow, fast and 2 challenging variations.
• Veil tips: what fabrics to use and why.

"This is really a fun and unique instructional dance DVD. There is nothing to compare to it. Every true belly dancer must have this lesson!" V.B., Seattle WA

"Delilah's costumes and dancing is gorgeous!" B. H., La Mesa CA

"Delilah is a Veil Tamer!" S. T., Farmington NM

Gypsy Veil Dance: A Primer in 9/8 Rhythm...  $39.95 DVDDVD

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Bellydance Combinations with Delilah

Bellydance Cominations with Delilah

Combinations with Delilah is an intermediate level lesson plan. It starts with a wild warm-up accompanied by Uncle Mafufo. It’s aimed at heating up the dancers awareness and energy levels from within. The chapters are broken into eight different combination sections. Delilah teaches 4-5 belly dance movement combinations in each section with variations and hand movements. Then you practice putting them together into a repetitive set that you can dance along with Delilah accompanied by a live musicians Uncle Mafufo, Erik Brown and Steven Flynn on dumbek, def and ney. This workshop is designed to help dancers with their transitions of stringing one isolated move into the next with grace and ease. You will find these sets challenging and fun! It’s also great to do with your Power Belly Weight belt.

As an added BONUS Erik Brown has recorded 3 short drum solos as soundtrack options for dancers to practice to! Really Cool!

$39.95 DVDDVD

Belly Dance Live! DVD

Belly Dance Live

The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED) present 2 hours of spectacular performances! Featuring Aziza, Ava Fleming, Bahaia, Dondi, Titanya & Boz, Meissoun, Habib, Sadie & Kaya, Jamileh, Marguerite, Lilla Varese Dance Company, Midnight Mirage, Sese Dance Theater, David, and special guest artist, Delilah!

$$39.95 DVDDVD

Additional Bellydancing Titles

Absolute Beginning Belly Dancing with Delilah
Absolute Beginning Dance Delilah, Dance!
Dance to the Great Mother DVD
Live & Wild Belly Dancing
During Pregnancy
Dance to the
Great Mother
Fire at the Iao Costume Workshop Goddess Grace
The Spirit of Oriental Dance The Second Annual Awards
of Bellydance
Amara Presents: An Evening of Experimental...

This DVD is for all women and all humanity. It makes a very special present for a pregnant women, but it's value doesn't stop there. It is a sacred honoring for nature's gift of being in a woman’s body.

This is a truly unique and important dancework, now on DVD. In it, Delilah portrays Isis, the Great Mother. Using the bellydance to speak of one of its original and most fundamental meanings, she celebrates the feminine creative principle. Delilah's dance portrays the joy and mystery of the arrival of new life through the female body. Artfully performed and presented, Dance to the Great Mother is meaningful and courageous. An in-depth interview, discussing both the creation of this dance and the meaning of bellydancing for women, follows the performance.

Please read this special message from Delilah on Dance to the Great Mother 2008


"...A portrayal of stunning depth. Dance To The Great Mother draws us in gently with a lighthearted beginning, delicate and charming, yet full of energy and spins. Next, rhythms and movements captivate and lull us until Delilah concentrates her energy, a priestess invoking an ancient power. We are focused too, witnessing with her the awe of creation. Ancient images and primal feelings are called up and honored until we spill over like a fountain with the joy of this dance and what it represents."
Mara Makeda
[entire belly dancing video review]

"When seeing Delilah dance, I could well imagine a queen giving birth in this mamisi while other women were dancing in the temple: the dance of labour, pain, strength, ecstasy, birth and praise. The way she dances could have been exactly the way of dance presented in honour of the Great Mother, Isis, the portal to life.. ".
reveiw by Gaby Oeftering of Germany

"Drawing inspiration from the archetype of Isis as the Great Mother, Delilah has created choreography that depicts the relationship between a woman and the new life growing within her..."
[entire belly dancing video review]

Belly Dance Performance (Choose DVD or VHS)
(40 minutes)

[belly dancing and pregnancy]
[why this video is important for our future]

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"'s clear that a lot of vision- in the artistic sense- went into the video. It is far more than the reproduction of beautiful dances; it deals with moods, image and drama... These are seven Delilah dances, packed with a wealth of beautiful movements, expression, and nuances that make each dance worth the price of the tape."
[entire belly dancing video review] Habibi Magazine

Any viewer will gain an appreciation for the beautiful art of bellydancing from this tape. It features Delilah in seven performances, all excerpted from the Delilah's Bellydance Workshop instructional video series. Each dance is uniquely and beautifully costumed, lit and staged, creating an inspiring, breath-taking dance experience.

Dance Delilah, Dance!
30 minutes
was $29.95
Save $15

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Delilah and cast sparkle in a legendary concert presentation, hosted and produced by HAVVA in Memmingen, Germany, and professionally videotaped with multi-camera edit. You will see Delilah, in her first performance for the German public, unveil two full length Visionary choreographies (which received rave reviews in the morning press!). In addition, you will see performances by some of Germany's greatest bellydancers: the late, great Dietlande Bedauia Kartuli, known as the mother of bellydance in Germany, the solo and teamwork of Havva and Bessiema, the Raks Shaki Dance Group, and special guest star, Said El Amir.

The Spirit of Oriental Dance
$39.95 135 minutes

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"...Delilah's Costume Workshop is not just the nitty-gritty of fabricating costumes, it also includes philosophy, history and impressive performances to enhance and augment the costume tips. Overall, I was delighted with the video. It's educational and entertaining. Even an experienced costumer can pick up a few useful tips in Delilah's Costume Workshop."
Sherezzah, Defray Beach FL
[entire belly dancing video review] Middle Eastern Dancer

This video is informative, inspiring, and fun! It's filled with costuming secrets, design ideas, construction techniques, information on materials, and more- all presented with Delilah's warm, insightful style. If you're planning on building or buying a new costume, you'll find a multitude of ideas to help you achieve just the effect you are striving for. Even those who never plan to pick up a needle and thread will enjoy this show, since it also contains beautiful performances by Delilah and guest dancers, wonderful music by Steven Flynn, an informative history of the veil by dance scholar Laurel Victoria Gray, plenty of surprises and humor.


2 VHS tapes + Booklet
$89.95 180 minutes

[Costume Workshop Outline]
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When a dancer friend of ours produced this video, we were so excited by it that we had to make it available to you in our catalog. Goddess Grace is a moving meditation which weaves together elements of yoga, bellydance, other dance forms and exercise routines in a continuously flowing Tai Chi-style format. The movements are coordinated with a spoken meditation which invokes 26 goddesses from around the world, from Athena to Zoe, and includes empowering first-person affirmations. The form develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and grace, stretching and toning the entire body, while instilling a positive self-image and inspiring personal and social transformation. The concept and execution of this tape are unique and wonderful. We applaud Mariel for her production, and highly recommend it.

A Video by Mariel and Friends
$29.95 120 minutes

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"I love the international evolution of this work. It serves to remind us of our commonality as women. Whether we are American, German or Middle Eastern, we relate wordlessly and universally in the fields of motherhood and bellydance."

[entire belly dancing video review] Habibi

This excellent video by dancer Gaby Oeftering, of Freiberg, Germany, belongs in every bellydance instructor's library, as well as that of midwives, childbirth educators, doctors, and communities. It is a wonderful mix of performance by two beautiful dancers, Haava and Sabine, in their 3rd trimester; discussion of the science and history of childbirth preparation by Dr. Liseiotte Kuntner, Doctor of Ethno-Medicine; instruction by physiotherapist Irmtraud Schieder on specific exercises and therapies to use during pregnancy; real-time practical warm-up, exercises and bellydance movements for pregnant women taught by Gaby. The video demonstrates that Oriental dance offers a therapeutic advantage for pregnant women for relieving pain, strengthening muscles involved in birth, harmonizing mother and child through prenatal interaction, and instilling a sense of joy and celebration throughout the prenatal and birthing process.

A Video by Gaby Mardshana Oeftering
$45 90 minutes
This title is currently Unavailable
See Dance to the Great Mother

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Gaza Academy Video and Music Award Winner 1998
"Best Live Performance of a Solo Belly Dance"
"Best Choreography for the Camera, Innovative"
Belly Dancing Performance Video: Delilah & Sirocco, Live & Wild

Delilah and Sirocco have been making wild music and dance together for years. The seven performances captured in Live & Wild display their remarkable chemistry, a dynamic mix of talent and inspiration, spontaneity and improvisation, joy and devotion. These are extraordinary performances, filmed in beautiful locations on the island of Maui, ranging from conventional concerts to unique dances in the sea and the bamboo jungle. This is music and bellydance on the edge... Live & Wild!

Belly Dancing Performance Video
$39.95 80 minutes
3 New DVD’s released in 2006
Delilah & Sirocco; Live & Wild and even Wilder on DVD!
The Billion Belly March
and Combinations with Delilah
and MORE!
$104.85Save $15

(on-line purchases only)

Announcing the release of Delilah & Sirocco Live & Wild on DVD and even wilder! In addition to the 7 legendary dance performances, we've now added 90 minutes worth of great extras: Circle Balady Dance Choreography, Grounding and Centering, Embracing Aphroditie, Shimmy Reviewed. If you love belly dance, you will love this program! Order now online!
Live & Wild on DVD
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The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance works to support and recognize the very highest standards in the field of Middle Eastern Dance. Their annual Awards of Bellydance show demonstrates this with a remarkable line-up of the very best contemporary belly dancers, Delilah (the 1998 Belly dancer of the Year award winner), Eva Cernik, Margo Abdo O'Dell, Mesmera, Atlantis, Jillina, Angelika &her Dance Ensemble, Zahirah, Katia, and Dondi. Delilah's performance on this video has won the Giza Awards prize for Best Live Performance, Interpretive, and Jillina's won the Giza Award for Best Live Solo Dance Performance, Raqs Sharqi. This is a dazzling and inspiring show.

Concert Belly Dancing Performance Video
$49.95 120 minutes

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Three Volumes: [2001 2002 2003]

"This performance is a wonderful opportunity to experience multicultural avant-garde events. Performer and audience can explore roles beyond the standard portrayals of Middle Eastern dance and deal with issues not often foregrounded in a Middle Eastern performance setting..."

I recently was in LA and a friend urged me I must buy a copy of this video program! She knew me to be a woman who would appreciate and applaud the power of creativity and freedom of expression for all women. So, I bought it! I got home and put it in my VCR and I was really moved by the performances of these artists. So moved, I decided to make it available to you on our web site!

Here are the liner notes from the back of the box:

An Evening of Experiemental Middle Eastern Dance is a forum for Middle Eastern dancers to perform their controversial works. The performances, all based in some aspect of the Middle Eastern dance idiom, make current borders and standard representations visible by playing with and pushing past them.

Dancers bring to light some issues that are covered up and neglected, such as gender roles, eroticism, sexuality and desire, spirituality, cultural appropriation, the role of the audience and stereotyping.

Concert Belly Dancing Performance Video

Concert Belly Dancing Performance Video

Concert Belly Dancing Performance Video

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