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The Bellydance Bazaar is intended to offer viewers a selection of limited time offers and some standards that are not produced by us, but are recommended by Delilah and Visionary Dance. In this section you will find belly dance music produced by different artists that Delilah uses for performance as well as for bellydance classes and workshops. These listings are not intended to be a definitive list of music offerings, or an attempt to sell the belly dancer or listener on every available CD out there. Rather, these are some of the available selections that Delilah uses in teaching and are listed as a convenience for you by making available some of the top picks she uses and would like to share with you.

This page can also serve as an easily printable catalog for reference. Descriptions and notations are included to describe what Delilah likes about each selection, what niche it may fill as part of a dancer's library, etc. You may want to bookmark this section and check back from time to time. Although the current selections are available through Visionary Dance Productions, some are subject to limited availability and the list will certainly change and evolve over time.

There are a few videos, books, and even hip belts and other merchandise that we will occasionally add to the list. Also, when a listing states "CD Only," sometimes cassettes are available but may involve waiting a little longer to get. Be sure to check with us. If a listing specifically states "Cassette Only," that represents what is currently available for that listing.

Current selections may be ordered direct from our website with a secure credit card transaction.

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